Angular JS development tools

Angular JS Development tools

1.  WebStorm
WebStorm is a robust and intelligent IDE, which offers excellent coding assistance for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Moreover, it also facilitates to work with a broad array of modern web technologies. It efficiently helps in client-side development and server-side Node js development.

It offers insights for smart coding, autocompletion, refactoring features, progressive error prevention, and more. WebStorm improves your productivity and takes your development to a new level of success. It takes the support of popular frameworks like AngularJS & Meteor, integrated instruments for testing, debugging & code analysis, and integration with various VCS (Version Control System).

WebStorm works with all modern technologies. It offers a live editorial manager that allows you to see your coding being live without refreshing your page.

2. Karma
Karma is significantly a testing framework. It comes with a unique characteristic that allows developers to run the test in a real ecosystem. With the help of this AngularJS tool, experts can test their products on real browsers and phones. It helps them identify potential glitches better on the ground compared to a lab setting.

It supports unit testing, midway testing, and E2E (End-to-End) testing. To work with Karma, you need to open programs that you have listed in the configuration file. It interacts with the dynamic program to utilize and requests, regardless of you run the test.

3. introduces the use of Mentions and Macros widgets to remove dependencies on JQuery. As a result, it increases the flexibility to apply directly to any component, and it accepts selectable text inputs.

4. Djangular
Developers use the Djangular tool for web app development based on AngularJS. It helps you create content easily. It employs Django and Angular, and you can create content for your project according to your requirements. Thus, you do not need to integrate each project with Django separately.

Moreover, you can create different namespaces and implement a consistent content structure for your apps. You can effectively increase your app’s security with the help of Djangular, as it enables CSPF protection.

5. NGX restAngular
NGX RestAngular helps you conveniently fetch data from any RESTful API when you plan to develop Angular-built web apps. It lets you specify custom HTTP methods when you need a unique response from the server, define names for the URLs, and utilize the nested Restful entities too.

Moreover, you can send requests such as GET, POST, DELETE and UPDATE with ease. These requests can be sent to different services and servers without facing issues. Also, you can send them from within an object. It omits the need to create separate objects for each new request.

6. Protractor
Protractor is one of the most prominent AngularJS development tools, which is again a testing framework. It offers an end-to-end testing capability for AngularJS apps. It has a peculiar characteristic of automatically syncing the web page and tests, immediately after one task finishes. It provides a real ecosystem experience to developers.

7. Angular Fire
Angular Fire proves to be a sound backend development tool when you want to develop an Angular application. It offers an active AngularJS development IDE in this relevance. The three main benefits of this tool include a flexible API, 3- way data binding, and rapid development capabilities. These advantages enrich developers’ experience.

8. Angular Deckgrid
Angular Deckgrid is significantly a lightweight grid for AngularJS. Developers use this tool particularly for code instructions, wherein the directive does not rely upon visual representations. It uses a CSS file to receive visual representations.

9. Mean
Mean is an AngularJS tool that functions as a boilerplate across various platforms. Developers use this tool to build apps for Mongo DB, Node.js, Express, and Angular JS. It consists of a preconfigured set of modules such as the Mongoose and Passport useful to a majority of developers.

10. Sublime Text
The Sublime Text editor helps develop and test codes for any app or web page. It tops the position as a text editor in a majority of developers’ list. It has Python application-programming interface and is an outstanding cross-platform source code editor. It allows developers to edit two locations in a single file side by side. Sublime Text editor helps in split-screen editing that enhances developers’ speed.

You can combine it with Angular for editing source code. It consists of features that make the IDE ideal for developers. Let us take a look at the following features of this tool.