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Mobio Solutions is globally recognized as one of the leading React Native app development company. We have successfully designed, developed, and released a number of React native mobile applications. Our experience is that especially when business owners have the priority of bringing the most value vs time, usually they choose to go with cross-platform development. If you’re one of them, then React Native Development is something we strongly suggest you consider. We get the most out of React Native’s capabilities to build awesome products. Our expert React Native skilled app development team delivers cross-platform apps with speed, accuracy, and quality. Our expert developers bring your product to Android as well as iOS both simultaneously. Hire React Native developers from us and leverage competitive advantage and knowledge insights for strategic business growth at the most suitable engagement model.

Why to build your app in React Native?

  • Single Codebase
  • Open Source
  • Strong Community Support
  • Upto 30% Faster to develop
  • Easy-to-update functionality
  • Apple HIG & Material Design guideline
  • Live Reload
  • Flawless Migration
React Native for Mobile App Development

React Native App Development Services

For a business, there are different options available to choose to develop cross-platform mobile applications. React Native is ahead of all the other available options because it provides a single common development environment across both platforms. React Native built upon JavaScript, improves developer’s productivity and valuable time without any loss of functionality.
Additionally, it is open-source, has huge community support, and is also backed by Facebook. If you, like corporate giants Tesla, Bloomberg, Facebook, and others have tuned your decision towards developing or converting your Android mobile application or iOS mobile application into React Native mobile app development, Mobio Solutions is the right fit for you.

React Native Features

Cross Platform Capability
Cross-Platform Capability

React Native framework provides development capability to manage platforms like iOS and Android. Cross-platform APIs give permission to development components to work seamlessly on both Android and iOS. Cross-platform is very cost-effective.

Efficient Development
Efficient Development

React and its large community has a vast library and we use the components that are freely available in open source. Our experienced developers designed and decided it well in advance which unables overall development to speed up the process by 35%.

Strong Community Support
Strong Community Support

Since most React Native’s development is based on JavaScript, the advantage of all the advancements of the strong open-source ecosystem is always available. This makes sure that support for React Native app will never stop and require development help will always be available whenever needed.

Flawless Migration
Flawless Migration

Most time migrating from native to cross-platform becomes a hassle due to the engineering team’s exposure. At Mobio Solutions, our team is having pretty decent experience in migrating to React Native or re-engineering your existing legacy mobile app for enhanced UI and UX.

Native Performance
Native Performance

React Native is surely much better than PhoneGap or Cordova, It outputs components that run as native views, so you will get great user experience and nice app speed even if your app uses a lot of resources. It also allows you to optimise app`s performance by including native app code.

Budget-Friendly Solutions
Budget-Friendly Solutions

With React Native, you are using the same codebase for Android and iOS apps. This saves a lot of time and development resources, ultimately, your costing. So you can do the smart allocation of your resources to promote your product.

React Native App Expertise

  • App Porting/Migration
  • UI/UX Design
  • Custom App Development
  • Maintenance
  • App Optimization
  • App Support

Trusted iOS & Android App Developed using React Native

  • Facebook
  • Tinder
  • Instagram
  • Soundcloud
  • Gyroscope

Our Work


Toocs Scoot Anywhere

Toocs helps people reserve a local e-scooter on its Android or iOS app, ride for a small fee


Complaint Management System

It allows you to effectively track and manage complaints from your most valuable customers.

Health Care

Stay Healthy
Stay Happy

A complete solution to bring sales efficiency in manufacturing company using live data tracking

Food & Drink


Farm’d lets restaurants and grocers get local food direct from farms with a press of a button.

Solutions We Provide


Hospitality Application


Retail Application


Publication Application

Learning Management App

Learning Management App

Media Streaming Application

Media Streaming Application

Social Networking

Social Networking Application

Location Based GPS Application

Location Based: GPS Application

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Application

Our Key Offerings

React Native App development

A leading mobile app development company, Mobio Solutions offer React Native app development services for iOS and Android using a very popular and powerful React Native framework. Our experienced Reactive Native App development team offers idea conceptualization, design, development, beta test, user acceptance test, and maintenance services. As well as a full range of development services, we can also dedicate and scale our team of designers and developers whenever necessary. At Mobio Solutions, we also support companies to migrate their existing mobile apps to React Native App development platforms.

App Technology Transformation

We have worked with many such requirements where business owners have developed an application on a Native framework because of not having a robust framework available at whatever time but at this stage, with the popularity of React Native framework they ask us to do proper due diligence and suggest whether their product can be switched to React Native from Native or not. In many cases, it turned out to be a perfect case and we have transformed Android and iOS mobile applications using the Reactive Native framework. This is one of our core competencies and we would love to help our customers here.

App Critical Support

Our rescue service allows us to take the charge of your app from the stage wherever your app is, and put your app back on track as fast as possible in case of crashes or critical bugs. Then, our expert engineers audit the code, create a restoration plan and make it happen. This plan lets us improve the architecture, fix issues, and solve the scalability challenges of the product so that it can meet all the current and visible business growth needs.

Code audit

Many times from the outer world everything sounds working perfectly but when you dig into the code you find the technical debt is too big. Here our experienced team reviews and analyzes code quality to find all bottlenecks and weaknesses. As an outcome, we recommend with a standard report what our customer needs to take steps on an immediate basis and on near and long term basis so that we know what to do to improve the product to improve the code from scalability, performance, speed, and stability.

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