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Flutter is an open-source mobile application framework that helps to build rich and fluid native interfaces for both Android and iOS platforms using a single codebase. Flutter uses DART as a primary language. With Flutter app development you can streamline your business and build high-quality native interfaces on cross platforms in less time compared to native apps. One of the most important things about the Flutter framework is it provides a bridge to native, so the developer has the ability to do almost everything that Swift, Kotlin, and Java do.

At Mobio Solutions, a leading Flutter App Development Company, we have a highly experienced team of Flutter developers who build beautiful, interactive, and intuitive apps with on-time delivery to increase the business ROI. Our experience says that if business owners have the priority of bringing the most value vs time, they always choose to go with cross-platform development. If you’re one of them, then Flutter App Development is the best choice for you.

Why Should You Choose Flutter App Development?

Flutter is a widely used and demanding cross-platform mobile app development framework that renders the advantage of increasing the speed of the development process. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Fast development
  • Expressive + Flexible UI
  • Native apps for Android and IOS
  • Hot Reload
  • High Performance
  • Reduce the Third Parties Libraries
  • The customizable kit of Widgets
  • Support Frontend & Backend with a single code
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Flutter App Development Services

The IT industry has always come up with new technological updates, inventions, and advancements. For a business, there are different platforms available to choose from for mobile app development but the Flutter framework is trending for cross-platform mobile app development. Flutter, Google`s open-source and free mobile app SDK, is one such top-notch technology that provides high-quality mobile apps, using a single code base.

Moreover, as a highly-demanded Flutter development company, we develop next-generation solutions. At Mobio Solutions, our expert team of Flutter developers is always committed to building and developing functionality-rich flutter app development solutions for your unique business needs.

Flutter App Development Features

Open Source

Flutter is Google`s free and open-source mobile app SDK, is one of the leading cross platform technologies. It works with existing code and used by developers around the world.

High Productivity

As Flutter is a cross-platform, you can use the same code base to create Android or iOS applications. It is very useful to save both time as well as resources. You can build high performance and high-fidelity applications.


Flutter widgets are part of the application, not the platform, so, don't face any compatibility issues on both iOS and Android versions. This means you need to spend very less time on testing. Also, Flutter integrates well with Swift and Objective C.

Own Rendering Engine

Flutter is very different from other cross platform options because it uses neither WebView nor the OEM widgets that shipped with the device. But, Flutter uses its own high-performance rendering engine to draw widgets.

Similar to Native App Performance

Since Flutter is compiled into the native ARM code for both iOS and Android, there are no performance issues. It runs native apps effortlessly with a native rich interface.

Reduced Code Development Time

Flutter mobile application development is having a time-saving feature called Hot Reload. With this exceptional feature, Flutter developers can directly see the output and this improves performance and development time.

Same UI and Business Logic in All Platforms

Flutter is very useful for the UI part because it allows you to write the same UI once for both iOS and Android. The widget represents the view of MVVM. the ViewModel is totally platform-independent.

Multiple IDE Support

Flutter provides access to a massive number of IDEs including Android Studio, IntelliJ, Visual Studio code and etc. No matter how complex you want your application, Flutter is the top choice for developers.

Flutter App Expertise

  • App Porting/Migration
  • UI/UX Design
  • Custom App Development
  • Maintenance
  • App Optimization
  • App Support

Trusted iOS & Android App Developed using Flutter

  • KlasterMe
  • App logo
  • Adwords
  • Aliababa

Our Work


Farm’d lets restaurants and grocers get local food direct from farms with a press of a button.

Toocs Scoot Anywhere

Toocs helps people reserve a local e-scooter on its Android or iOS app, ride for a small fee

Complaint Management System

It allows you to effectively track and manage complaints from your most valuable customers.

Stay Healthy
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A complete solution to bring sales efficiency in manufacturing company using live data tracking

Solutions We Provide


Hospitality Application


Delivery Application


Ecommerce Application


On-Demand Application


CRM Application


Productivity Application


Location based GPS application


Field Force Management Application


Education Application

Our Key Offerings


Our experienced Flutter App development team offers idea conceptualization, design, development, beta testing, user acceptance testing, and maintenance services. As well as a full range of development services, we can also dedicate and scale our team of designers and developers whenever necessary.


We have worked with many such requirements where business owners have developed an application on Native framework because of not having a robust framework available at whatever time but at this stage, with the popularity of Flutter framework they ask us to do proper due diligence and suggest whether their product can be switched to Flutter from Native or not. In many cases, it turned out to be a perfect case and we have transformed Android and iOS mobile applications using the Flutter framework. This is one of our core competencies and we would love to help our customers here.


Our rescue service allows us to take charge of your app from the stage wherever your app is, and put your app back on track as fast as possible in case of crashes or critical bugs. Then, our expert engineers audit the code, create a restoration plan and make it happen. This plan lets us improve the architecture, fix issues, and solve the scalability challenges of the product so that it can meet all the current and visible business growth needs.


Many times from the outer world everything sounds working perfectly but when you dig into the code you find the technical debt is too big. Here our experienced team reviews and analyzes code quality to find all bottlenecks and weaknesses. As an outcome, we recommend with a standard report what our customer needs to take steps on an immediate basis and on near and long term basis so that we know what to do to improve the product to improve the code from scalability, performance, speed, and stability.

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