Tips To Improve User Experience Of Your Website

user experience design

User experience matters irrespective of the product type. With the modern era getting digitized and technically more advanced, the importance of sleek user experience is higher. It’s indeed challenging as digitization becomes prominent among common men. User experience design has to be optimal on such occasions, to meet the expectations of all level of users. In this context, the following tips can be handy for those interested in enhancing the website’s user experience.

Know Your User

The simplest formula for enhancing user experience is indeed to deliver what the user wants. Hence, it is crucial to figure out the targeted user base or visitor base for a website and design it accordingly. The expectation of eighteen years old is going to be different from that of sixty years old.

We design meaningful experiences for various devices, screen type and size Want to learn more?

We design meaningful experiences for various devices, screen type and size Want to learn more?

It also has to vary by the tone of the website. For example, the way an official website has to be optimized for superior user experience differs for a gaming site. In short, the designer and developers should work meticulously, keeping both front and back end aspects in mind.

Maintain Whitespace

If there is no way available, it is suggested to maintain the whitespace’s desired level to boost the user experience. It makes the user feel much accomplished and calm while going through the site. However, this doesn’t mean that the background is essential to be in white. Rather, maintaining whitespace is about maintaining the gap well between different sections of a website. In this context, the following recommendations are worth considering

      1. Increase the gap between the lines.
      2. Provide white space at either side of the sections with long texts.

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      3. Maintain the gap between the text sections and images.

Perfectly Place Call To Action

Make sure that the site has a proper call to action button for the visitors. No matter how superior clarity the site possesses or how smooth it feels, if a user doesn’t easily find the button to take action, it becomes worthless.

Learn about how we improve your UI/UX

Learn about how we improve your UI/UX

Address Factors That Affect the Speed of the Site

It feels like hell to wait for a site to load. If you want your user not to feel like this, keep the bounce rate under check. An additional couple of seconds for loading can increase bounce rate fifty percent. Users don’t care about visiting the page anymore if it delays more than three seconds. The following aspects are suggested to be addressed for keeping bounce rate under check:

     1. Avoid using too large size images
     2. Ensure adequacy of server

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     3. Remove unwanted videos
     4. Ensure plug-in are flawlessly coded
     5. Make sure compression is perfect

Make Sure That Key Elements Are Found in Hassle Freeway

In this era when people go through only 20 percent of a page’s content and spend 3-4 minutes at maximum, needless is to say how much it matters to display the key sections with greater clarity. It needs to be found in a hassle freeway. The phrase that dragged the visitor to the site through a search engine needs to be showcased apparently to ensure that he/she remains intact.


With evolving web designing and development, it has become crucial to stay updated with the latest standards. However, one can certainly enhance the user experience for a modern-day website upon addressing the above aspects.

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