New Product Development Process: Top Seven Stages For New Product Development Process

Top Seven Stages For New Product Development Process

The new product ideas that you introduce for your business should have the potential to handle the complexities of end-users. It is essential as, without this consideration, the new product development efforts will go in vain.

You might be wondering about how to commence with the new product development strategies. Most businesses usually break down the respective stages to filter out the essential ones that will help them complete the development process from start to launch.

For the businesses that are new and are still struggling to know the right stages of the new product development process, here are the seven stages that are essential for implementation.

1. Embark On the Concept or Idea

Firstly, you need to make sure that your concept or idea is clear regarding function and performance. The requirements need to be clearly defined, and the customer’s voice should be represented with the new product development aspects.

Let us help you to build an MVP product

Let us help you to build an MVP product

The main agenda of seeking new product development should be to meet the customer’s requirements. The design needs to be highly functional that can be further explored for intuitive changes. The market needs are to be attended to, and the idea needs to support such explicit needs.

2. Study & Planning of The Design

In the next step, one must make sure to take time and evaluate the project’s potential for deriving its success attributes. The management takes the opportunity to ensure that the ideation is perfect to proceed with designing. There is a brief need for study and design before proceeding with the idea. If it seems like fulfilling the user requirements, then it is perfect for moving ahead with the development phase.

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3. Commence with The Development Phase

The engineering team will take note of the specifications, along with the validation plans that will be required for the future. Before commencing with the development job, the team will do some final checks on quality and then will determine the agreed deliverables to work towards developing the end product.

The designs are taken into considerations to proceed with the development job. During the development process, there will be regular checks done to keep a constant check on proceeding on the right path of development. It is essential because, with it, you can eventually suppress the failure risks for the project and customers altogether.

4. Proceed with Verification & Testing Stage

After the development process is completed, the product will be then sent to the testing stage, where all the functionality attributes will be checked. The product evaluation must be done by proficient and dedicated testers to match it with the proposed design and check its robustness.

Get business technology consulting services & turn your business idea into reality- Request quote

Get business technology consulting services & turn your business idea into reality- Request quote

Along with that, they must also test the performance aspects of it to conclude whether it can meet the customer’s needs or not. The verification is a different breakdown that is done twice in the entire development process. The first verification is done after the design is proposed and the second after the development work is complemented.

5. Production of Collateral Post Validation

The collaterals are needed to be produced based upon the need for assistance to launch and manufacturing phase. It is eventually done after proper validation of the product meets the customer needs as per the design specified right at the second stage of new product development.

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If you are a new company, you can always outsource such development and other associated process needs at affordable pricing. Hence, you won’t need to hire extra staff to get this job done.

6. Manufacturing or Launching Stage

Under the manufacturing stage, all the essential plan-related documents of the new product will be handed over to the manufacturing unit for mass production. The detailed specs will also be highlighted to the manufacturing department for ensuring quality during production. If the product is software, then it is released to the customers by specifying it as a beta version to gain real-time quality reviews from the customers.

Once the product has entered the manufacturing or launching stage, you can handle the marketing aspects of the product. After everything is finalized, the products are launched and released for the customers.

7. Improvement Stage

The new products are meant to give your brand the impression you always expected in the market. Therefore, seeking constant improvement will eventually help you put up necessary upgrades for enhancing the customer experience.


These are the seven stages that you must keep in mind whenever you seek the development of a new product. Whether you are a new business or an established one, you need to make sure that every stage is followed ideally for ensuring a productive outcome out of the new product. Reach out to the professional firms to get a better idea of how these stages can be implemented to commence with your need for new product development.

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