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Vehicle Rental System



React, Node JS



Mobile App





The aim of this solution is to make urban mobility shareable, sustainable & affordable by providing electric vehicles on rental. Initially Toocs only focused to provide eScooter on rental. Toocs enables a person can reserve a vehicle from their phone. A person would able to see nearby vehicles also designated pickup and drop-off points to pick up and leave vehicle at the end of their journey. A person can also make selection of vehicle from available types of electric vehicles list. A person can reserve a vehicle on time basis and they would be charged per minute basis over the reserved time.

Design Key Features

  • Quick Onboarding
  • See nearby electric vehicles, designated pickup & drop-off points
  • Reserve by making selection of vehicle from available list of vehicles
  • Track & end current reservation.
  • Ride history with invoice details
  • Raise concern if any
  • Provide feedbacks

"Premium Electric Vehicle Rental Service"


It’s no secret that India has problems of rising congestion in cities and life threatening pollution levels and so many countries in world. Also inadequate parking infrastructure is the biggest problem faced by large metropolitan cities. One more challenge is that regarding safety & high durability of electric vehicles. In such scenario, finding vehicle which you can pickup and drop at your ease, such vehicle which must be environmentally friendly, is unavailable at every city. Toocs is solving this problem.

Our Solutions

With an aim to move Indian city -dwellers towards a sustainable commute and provide micro mobility solutions help citizens cover distance within city on human-powered and battery operated vehicles, depending on whether they choose electric two wheelers or cycles. Not only are these smaller in size than regular two wheelers, which helps them navigate through traffic jams easier, but since there is no emission, it reduces traffic congestion with almost zero carbon footprint.


A user simply needs to download the Toocs app, input a verifiable phone number, search nearby electric vehicles, and you could be on your way from any designated pickup point nearby. The vehicle is unlocked through a QR code on the app. While Toocs is offering only the eScooter, or battery powered bike in Chandigarh, with plans to roll out in other cities soon within India.

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React Native




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