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How Leading Banking Service Provider Transformed Its App And Boosted Their Services

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Our client, a leading company in the banking sector, partnered with Mobio Solutions to enhance their mobile application and develop new customer features.

The primary objective was to improve the existing mobile application, enhance the user interface, improve banking transactions & payments, and provide superior banking services.

The Challenges

The Solution

User Interface Issues

We redesigned the mobile app user interface with the help of our expert designers. By simplifying the design and improving the overall user experience, we ensured that customers could easily navigate the app and perform transactions without issues.

Security Concerns

To ensure the security of banking transactions and payments, we established a secure connection with a server using SSL Pinning. It enabled us to encrypt data and prevent unauthorized access, giving customers peace of mind while using the app.

Compatibility Issues

We set up and developed Huawei mobile services for the existing mobile application. It allowed us to address the compatibility issues that our client was facing with Huawei mobile devices and expand their customer base.

Payment Transaction Issues

To address payment transaction issues for various utility bills and requirements, we developed new features for utility bill payments, such as electricity, gas, water, etc. That allowed customers to make payments easily, without any hassle.

Quick Pay Facilities

We developed a mobile app feature for Quick Pay facilities that enabled users to transfer amounts to other users quickly. By streamlining the transfer process, we ensured that users could perform transactions quickly and easily.

Stability And Performance Issues

With our banking  mobile app solution we were able to resolve stability and performance issues to ensure faster and more reliable banking services. It enabled customers to perform transactions without any interruptions or delays.

Business Impact

Client’s Quote

Our partnership with this company has led to a remarkable transformation in our mobile banking services. Their innovative solutions have resolved our issues and helped us expand our customer base and revenue streams.

Technology Stack

Technology Stack

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