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Our Mobile App's Impact On Loan Processing

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A leading financial management firm that provides business loans to small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in renewable energy, sustainable transport, agriculture, healthcare, and digital enterprises.

We at Mobio Solutions developed a user-friendly mobile application that simplifies loan processing management by automating budgets, spending management, collections, accounting, and business loans of project-based businesses.

The Challenges

The Solution

Our Mobile App’s impact on loan processing provides to reduces lengthy paperwork and increases real-time monitoring of finance management. We provided the following solutions to our clients to help them streamline their processes:

Accounting and KYC Verification

Our application automates accounting processes and offers seamless supplier payments and KYC verification features using PAN and Aadhaar cards. That helped our clients manage their businesses more efficiently by saving time and ensuring secure transactions.

Loan Processing

This mobile app provides a streamlined loan processing solution for our client’s business needs. With custom loan amount options and chosen tenure and purpose, our clients’ customers can submit necessary documents such as GST data, ITR, and bank statements for efficient processing.

Loan Agreement

Once approved, clients can sign and upload the loan agreement document for verification and receive disbursement within 24 hours. This app also features a custom dashboard for clients to track loan balance and repayment options, with a closure statement and loan documentation provided upon completion of the loan term.

Budget & Expense Management

We developed features that enable SMEs to track and manage project budgets, expenses, and profitability in real-time. That helps our clients to manage their expenses and projects more efficiently.

Customer/Vendor Management

Our application offers features for efficient customer/vendor management, including budget and payable bill association alog with purchase order of customer/vendor.

Payments & Credit

We developed features that help our client improve their cash flow by enabling them to send invoices, auto-reminders, and access credit through our partners. It helps our clients manage their finances more efficiently, compete, and grow their businesses Also the mobile app tracks and manages all loan-related information in one place.


The mobile app also generates insight dashboard which shows reports for cash flow, profit/loss, and balance sheets. That helped our clients monitor their financial performance and manage payments more efficiently.

Insight Dashboards

The app provides a range of useful features for managing your finances, including an Insights Dashboard for viewing cash flow and profit loss reports, a Payable dashboard for paying vendors and creating invoices, a Transactions dashboard for viewing all kinds of transactions, and a Payment Scheduling dashboard for tracking payments.

Business Impact

Client’s Quote

The app lets us watch our project's budgets and expenses in real-time, saving big bucks. Managing customers and vendors is now a breeze, with fewer payment delays. The loan process is now hassle-free, freeing up precious time and applauding the app's exceptional performance!

Technology Stack

Technology Stack

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