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Service King is your link to the best merchants in the cleaning and maintenance sector. They are a facilities management platform with over two decades of experience serving residential and commercial clients. Service King has a team of skilled craftspeople who proficiently complete the work on schedule and within budget.

That’s how Service King does things: caring for managed services business with turnkey solutions.

The Challenges

The Solution

To improve the cleaning service company’s order management system, we took several steps. Firstly, we collected information regarding the cleaning requirements of customers, ensuring that we had a complete understanding of their needs. Based on the client’s requirements, we developed a custom dashboard that offered various cleaning services, ensuring that the client could easily manage their services and orders.

Centralized Management System

Implementing a centralized management system that enables the cleaning service company to manage providers efficiently. This system will have a dashboard that will help them to keep track of the service providers’ details, work status, and other relevant information.

Customer Orders

Implementing a mobile application for customers to place orders and track order status. This application will allow customers to see real-time updates on their orders and communicate with the service provider directly.

Additional Services

Offering additional services that meet the evolving needs of customers, such as eco-friendly cleaning products or same-day service options.

Order Management

Implementing an automated order management system that can track orders from start to finish and notify service providers when it is time to begin work.

Business Impact

Client’s Quote

Mobio Solutions has truly transformed our business! With their innovative solutions, we were able to achieve incredible results in customer satisfaction.

Technology Stack

Technology Stack

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