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Mahamuni project is a web app where user is introduced with different traditional Books ,it Sanskrit chapters, verses in languages like English, Devanagari, Telugu etc. User can Translate the texts in different languages using this website. It provides informative verses of books for example Bhagwad Geeta. Furthermore, it includes the chapters and its associated verses in proper format to let user explore various taste of languages and information regarding traditional books and texts. User can also go through different translations available according to Aksharmukha.

Key Features of Project/ Solution

  • Translating the provided verse to the desired Language using Aksharmukha.
  • Differentiating the book on basis of Categories and subcategories.
  • Providing Admin panel to Manage Book, Chapter and Verses.
  • Providing Admin panel to manage different information on website.

Traditional Books, Explore Various Taste of Languages


The major challenge for user was to go through different websites and search for traditional language and its context. It also consumes user time as to move through different websites to get content regarding the local languages like Telugu, Hindi and many more. This problem also included the lack of availability of this cultural languages and its translation over the internet. Moreover, the traditional books like Bhagwad Gita has also text which are in Sanskrit. To translate to different forms of languages it was challenging to find out a single source that can provide everything translation as well as the normal text with all information.

Our Solutions

The solution is made simpler by introducing the website which has stacked information regarding all the books, its chapters and its verses fully managed and updated with feature of translation among various traditional languages. One of these libraries is Aksharamukha which provides different translation on basis of ITrans values of that particular language. The information can be translated side by side with all the traditional languages supported by Aksharamukha. This reduces the user time and provides adaptability with ease of user interface. User can now extract required insights from the text on single source  and will not have to switch websites for different traditional languages.


The impact of this system is stated as it becomes easy for the users to view and translate the verses from Sanskrit to English and many other languages. User would not have to surf over websites for different verse data and translations.  The user will now easily access the data over a single source rather moving to different websites for content specifically the translated languages. For instance, Devanagari, Hindi, Sundanese etc.  This also binds user in the literature field to access traditional books easily with its translation and original content in other local languages.

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