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Training & sessions tracking is very important for any organization, corporate, School and Colleges. Learning management portal has emerged as an online education portal app development with the sole purpose is to conduct classes for the students. Using this Online Learning Management Portal, you can easily manage student bulk attendance after enrolling courses & associate classes. The best E learning system app is with E-learning mode which is simplified for online learning and teaching purposes. Using eLearning Portal, training outcomes can also be measured by creating Tests & Quiz. The tutor can provide homework & video library facilities using this best Learning Management Portal. A creative way Certifications generation option is available for course. High level customization, roles management and notifications setting options are also available.

Design Key Features

  • Courses & session Management
  • Homework & Smart Reports
  • Student Management
  • Test & Quiz
  • Video Library & Attendance
  • Article & Blog Management

"An online education portal for the best learning"


  • Tracking Data is important parts as multiple training happening during the year so it’s hard to manage each training data into excel sheet or offline notes for particular organization.
  • Training materials share is headache for the tutor or trainer during offline training management.
  • Reports at one place not available due to offline tracking.
  • Training outcome measurement difficulty.
  • Communication issues with trainer & students

Our Solutions

  • Using Bulk attendance feature easily track data from reports.
  • Video library & training materials access at one place.
  • Different types of reports can help to organization using learning management portal.
  • Quiz & test can help measure training outcomes using this Online Learning management portal.
  • Trainer & student can easily communicate with each other using discussion & notification feature.


  • Increase training outcome impacts using this best features of Learning Management Portal.
  • Better communication between student & trainer.
  • Help organization to set different roles to manage training data.
  • Able to manage multiple classes into single course.
  • Organization able track whole data at one place that helps in employee or student personal growth.

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