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This a middle east based platform where people can sell their electronics items or luxury products and get cash instantly and safely. User has an option to buy it back anytime within 60 days, this is a nice option for the people who want to get the cash for their needs but also don’t wants to lose their luxury products or gadgets. The aim of this online electronics selling app development is to ease the selling and buying process of people who wants to cash in a dignified and hassle-free manner.

Design Key Features

  • Multi Language support like English and Arabic
  • Deal Section to choose the best product
  • Sell Now Dropdown: Give the list of luxury assets and electronics item Ex:(Category, Brand, Series Details)
  • Search Bar: Search The product
  • Blog: Show The blog or article related to the projects
  • Registration and login
  • Home collect and Store collect: User can choose the method for pickup city store according to his/her convenience

An online Electronics Selling Platform for your used gadgets


The challenge is that everyone has a short term emergency and cash needs at any time, and yet there are very limited options for most people beyond formal financial institutions and depending on family and friends. online products selling app is the best platform for such problems and also provides the users to choose selling application to buy or sell their electronics products or luxury gadgets through the selling web app.

Our Solutions

The solution is that we have created the web application to get instant cash required where user can sell and buy their assets and electronic item within their country and city. In this process user sell their product for a specific time period and get the cash and if he/she wants to buy it back he/she can buy it back within a specified time.


There was quite a significant impact that the company has now able to buy and sell the products in cities with an offline and online store. User can choose the method whatever method they like and sell their product and if they wish to buy back then they user can, with the same price.

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