Important Things You Should Know About Flutter 2

Flutter 2

Developers know flutter as a platform by Google to let them create beautiful portable apps, quickly, for any platform. On 3rd March 2021, mobile app development saw a transition to the next level with the launch of Flutter 2.0.

Flutter two gives one of the most versatile and convenient experiences by allowing the developer to use the same codebase to ship native apps across five different operating systems viz. Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. This is with similar web experiences in browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Edge. Not only that, the apps can now be used with a universal experience across Computers, Mobiles, Cars & Smart home devices.

Listed below are some of the important aspects. Programmers who are working on mobile app development and flutter app development would find them useful and interesting.

  • Web: Flutter app development gets enhanced web support in the new release. So now the web is just another target device that the Developers/Programmers don’t need to worry about. Web-specific features like Link Widget ensures that any app running in a browser feels like a web app.
  • Portability without surprise: With compilers that generate high-performance Intel and ARM machine code for mobile and desktop, as well as tightly optimized Javascript output for the web. The same Flutter framework source code compiles to all these targets.

Accelerate your business growth with our Mobile App Development services

Accelerate your business growth with our Mobile App Development services

  • Quick fix: The thrust for improvement and constant advancement with technology makes flutter a constantly changing framework. This means that whenever you will revisit your old project you will almost always come across a host of warnings. Flutter Fix will help you get information on this warning and eventually automatically fix them.
    Developers can use Flutter Fix by using dart fix command from the command-line tool. Flutter Fix not only upgrades the code to meet the new advancements, but also saves a lot of time that they might consume in studying the warnings and finding a workaround or a solution.
  • Dart: Dart can be seen as a backbone to the multi-platform compatibility of flutter. Dart is Google’s programming language wonderfully optimized for multi-function development. No other language can combine the multi function capability as Dart does.
  • List View Function: Great things like the change in method to Reorder list views has increased the convenience of developers. The function so far required a long press + drag method to move items. The long-press function is popular in mobile users but not used when the same person uses a computer. The flutter two has now a grab handle for flutter app development programmers.
  • Themeable Scrollbar: With the help of ScrollbarTheme Class it is all the more easy to style your scrollbar to match the style and aesthetics of your app design giving a whole new design tool to mobile app development projects.

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  • Google Microsoft teamwork: Though it took a pretty long time, but, it is worth it. Google has been successfully able to bring new allies onboard towards making Flutter the most successful multi-platform app. This includes the most important ally Microsoft giving a whole new perspective to mobile app developers trying to develop apps for mobile as well as the web in a single go. This means that global IT giants Google and Microsoft are now together in chasing the vision for a single multi-platform framework across the IT universe.
  • Monetize your apps conveniently: As everyone knows the entire web/mobile industry’s biggest source of revenue is through Google Ads. If apps cannot be programmed to display Google Ads or for that matter to function the ads exactly as the developer wants, not being able to earn the revenue will make lots of projects non-viable. There are several projects which may not be able to survive without a consistent revenue generated from Advertisements. Google Mobile Ads is now upgraded to be able to integrate with AdMobs and Ad Manager. Not only that, new ad formats can also be available soon. This format that allows things like ‘embedding ads on widgets’ opens a whole new world of revenues and profits. These formats are already in Beta stage in flutter 2.0.
  • Desktop Specific Functionalities: Flutter comes packed with many other functionalities specially to make the Desktop/laptop-based usage of apps more functional, convenient, and exciting. Mobile app development now has special features for using it on Computers. Some functions like double-clicking a data file on windows explorer to open the file in your app, makes it quite useful and time-saving for users. Flutter app development programmers can now handle such functions through command line arguments.
  • Null-safety: The presence of Dart compiler for flutter app developers empowers them with the null safety that raises developer experiences and ultimately intensifies app performance. Running the ‘dart migrate’ tool will migrate the code to the null-safety of the dart. The entire migrations process is very easy and quick.

  • The growing ecosystem: Now there are over 15,000 packages to help develop working on Flutter and/or Dart. These packages are produced and launched by reputable IT companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and many more.
  • New widgets: Mobile app development teams are enthusiastic to use the new two widgets that come with Flutter two. First widget is ScaffoldMessenger which makes Scaffold transitions better by assisting the easy creation of SnackBar. Another widget is Autocomplete which allows auto-complete in native apps created using Flutter.
  • Add-to-app: A developer may have created an app for Android, but the same native code may not be reusable on iOS platform. With flutter’s add-to-app feature, reusing the same code to the second platform is now a reality. Flutter has the ability to reuse the same code for iOS as well as Android mobile apps. Hence, the app-to-app feature will greatly benefit Mobile app developers.

Looking at the scenario it is evident that Flutter 2 is one of the most celebrated recent releases. Not only that, the developers are equally eager to use it as Fluuter’s latest version comes with a host of features. The fact that Flutter is open-source and brought by the community makes it even more exciting. Developers and Companies will agree that Flutter is fast becoming the first choice platform for mobile app development companies.

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