How To Choose The Best Technology Stack For Your Startup

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A technology stack primarily is a collection of coding languages, including the framework and libraries essential for the startup product development of a smartphone application or a web app. It allows users to develop a system with numerous application functionalities performed over the same infrastructure. Tech stack, be it of a web app or mobile app, often has a client-side and a server-side. On some occasions, projects explicitly need the client-side.

To simplify the technology stack, one simply needs clarity about the ultimate purpose behind using the product. Further clarifying the term, it needs to be decided whether it will be an Artificial Intelligence product, going to be a smartphone app, or something entirely explicit. After this clarity is obtained, one has to consider the following factors for selecting the best technology stack for establishing a start-up.

Key Factors To Consider

It is often emphasized about technology selection by the cost associated with development, scalability, and marketing aspects.

1. Cost: Have Clarity On Whether The Free Option Won’t Work

The priority should be about having clarity about how costly the platform will be for the development of the platform, be it about a web app or smartphone app. But, founders must not consider these costs entirely based on licensing costs upfront. Rather, they should consider the various maintenance costs as well to be used by the tech stack.

Transcend Your Business To The Next Level

Transcend Your Business To The Next Level

Additionally, there should be clarity on whether there should be security expenses or liability expenses. Take the case of CentOS Linux; it’s free. On the other hand, Red Hat involves a high cost of $350 minimum annually for a server. In short, the founders need to be very sure whether they have no other way out except using the paid one.

Well, it is also true that the free ones have their issues. For example, a security fix on CentOS takes several weeks and sometimes months. But in the case of Red Hat, one can expect security patches in a matter of a few hours also. Take the case of companies having their customer data on their servers. On such occasions, the founder should not mind the cost associated.

2. Developer Cost

Additionally, there remains the factor of developer payouts as well. All the renowned technologies, ranging from Swift to C#, find a developer, not a concern. Naturally, a founder won’t have to worry much regarding the cost of these technologies. But when someone goes for tough technologies like assembly language, finding an expert developer is not easy.

A founder has to expend more on such occasions. The best recommendation is to find a standard, popular, and open-source technology platform that can provide the essential features one needs. This can certainly ensure no extra costs, even with maintenance needs.

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3. Consider The Time Factor

There is no rocket science to understand that the longer the duration it takes for a project to be introduced in the market, the tougher it gets to be successful. In a competitor, ideas hardly remain sealed for a long time. There remains every threat of missing a loyal customer base.

Keeping these things in mind, one needs to go with technology to hasten the process or empower the organization. No one loves technology that is too timid and thus a burden. Most importantly, the technology needs to be easy and user-friendly from implementation perspectives. At the same time, there must be sufficient control and support provided for the technology.

4. Scalability

Scalability is important as it is a matter of survival for the investor or founder. After all, no start-up can survive if only a few people can use the same. A considerably high number of people must be able to use it at a stretch. In short, one needs to find a technology that can be used among a significant percentage of the population of a specific locality.

Let us help you to build an MVP product

Let us help you to build an MVP product

There are many examples of failure stories that can be related to this. No one would love to see a product crashing on the first day itself. Keeping all factors into account, it is good to select a server-side technology for the best result. Apart from traditional options like PHP to cloud platforms like AWS, one can easily find a relevant option to help in scaling-up.

All in all, upon taking the above aspects into account, one can certainly manage to find the best technology stack for a start-up.

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