AngularJS Development: Best JavaScript Framework for Frontend Development

AngularJS Development: Best JavaScript Framework for Frontend Development

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS development helps to create an environment that is fast to develop and more readable and expressive. It does this by letting you extend HTML vocabulary for your application. In fact, AngularJS overcomes the weakness of traditional HTML for declaring dynamic views in web applications. More and more clients and service providers are now opting for AngularJs Development Services, the best Javascript application framework, for their projects.

There are a number of JavaScript Framework available for Frontend Development which includes options like React, Ember, Vue, Backbone apart from AngularJS. Let us find out a few factors to know why AngularJS development has been finding ways to stacks of more software developers.

1. Simplified Architecture

The AngularJS framework follows the MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture. As programmers might be aware, MVC is a software design pattern used in developing interfaces. MVC is a popular framework used for mobile and web applications.

The Controller divides the app into three components and defines the interaction between them. These three components are Model, View, and Controller. With the help of this architecture, the responsibilities are divided between the client and the server. When a user sends a demand from the client in the form of a form submission or a hyperlink request to the model on the server, it sends back the updated web view. Multiple views of the same information are also possible.

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2. Advantage of large user base and open source

According to NPM reports, AngularJS weekly downloads crossed 600,000 last February. Over 6500 development firms are using and providing AngularJS Development Services which includes the bigwigs like Amazon, Udemy & Snapchat apart from Google who created it in 2009. The framework was constructed and is maintained by a team of dedicated engineers from Google and Reddit. It has a huge developer base that suggests fixes to the problems and issues, which are ultimately implemented making it a better platform. Apart from this the popularity of AngularJS development services has made its presence widespread at conferences, hackathons, seminars, print media. All this enables the users to get the advantage of the huge community in troubleshooting, getting guidance, and implementing new ways to execute things.

A very good platform with a very thin user base has lots of limitations as against a good platform with wide and easy access to information and developers. A project could easily change hands from time to time because of this advantage making it minimal person dependent.

3. Readiness for Unit testing

AngularJS allows easy testing of apps by creating individual test pages. In a complex application, the requirement to unit test Javascript code is vital. Unit testing is seamless and easy with AngularJs development. A developer feels confident if a code is easy to change, testing the new code and then refactoring the code. A framework that allows flawless unit testing in the best possible manner, makes the process more robust and faster to deliver updates. A developer needs a framework that allows proper unit testing to detect design flaws and snags in the code. The AngularJS environment makes use of dependency injection to easily manage controllers and scopes and provide readiness for unit testing.

Looking for Angular JS Development? Explore

Looking for Angular JS Development? Explore

4. The benefit of having Google on the side

Google has come across as the world’s leading information technology, and data handling company over the last several years. Not only that, the company’s software and applications have ensured that the name synonyms with reliability, robustness, innovation, and user-friendliness.

Google launched the AngularJS development framework to empower developers to craft unique solutions. Unlike many other open-source platforms and frameworks, AngularJs is maintained by a dedicated team at Google. This gives a sense of confidence and reliability to all developers that they would be dealing with a consistent codebase over a period of several years. Apart from the reliability factor, the research approach of Google gives hope to developers that the framework will grow over a period of time to stay the best usable and feature-friendly framework.

5. Testing the App in real-time

One of the main headaches of programmers is the testing of modules created by them. AngularJS is a fantastic framework that allows developers to test modules in real-time. Instead of waiting long for testing the module and then updating things in case of bugs is indeed cumbersome. While working on AngularJS development services, functional and in-depth testing for every module that is built is supported in real-time. It saves a lot of time and makes the whole system more pleasant to work with.

6. Availability of amazing supporting tools

Availability of wonderful tools as you go on the journey of programming is really handy makes work faster and versatile. AngularJS, being one of the most popular frameworks around, has the advantage of the availability of several useful tools at the tip of fingertips. Let us check some of these tools used in testing, front-end development, and IDE editor which has AngularJS development as one of the most preferred frameworks for solution providers and developers.

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To create AngularJS content material for each application, Djangular is an awesome tool. Djangular can provide easy and better integration of reusable applications with AngularJS.

Karma is quite a popular test runner with Java scripts. It has the unique ability to provide the test environment whereby a programmer can test the program in a perfect test ecosystem. It allows suitable testing of websites or apps on any of the devices.

Protractor is another useful test runner that provides end-to-end testing by running on a real browser. can be applied directly to any component making AngularJS more flexible. The tool supports macros as well as mentions widgets.

7. Flexibility

One thing that developers love AngularJS for is its flexibility regarding server communication. All Javascript MVC frameworks let you work with any server-side technology given the required environment. However Angular provides services over and above XHR that drastically simplify the code and allows abstract API calls into reusable services.


It could be safely concluded that developers who have not used AngularJS may be missing out on something. AngularJS can be described as a framework consisting of a set of toolsets integrated with each other that leads to building rich and well-structured client-side applications with reduced code and increased flexibility.

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