How To Drive Your Startups Business Using Progressive Web App Development?

Progressive Web App Development

As almost everything goes online, most users have the difficult task to manage everything from a single device. Most users try to have minimum apps on their phone to reduce clutter and increase device performance. In such a condition, many users might not find it feasible to download an app from the app store, install it on and maintain it on their device for each and every activity.

In 2015, Google developers came up with the concept of Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Web app development services teams are developing PWAs that would deliver a rich, native-app experience on desktop or mobile without having the hassle to download, install, store, upgrade etc. Progressive Web App Development is actually a web application that uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It would function seamlessly on a web browser.

So here is why your progressive web app development can be a driving force for your business

1. Easy to install, use, share

Mobile app installation takes time as compared to PWAs. They occupy space on your device. In this connected world when you are getting new videos, pictures and documents every few minutes or maybe less than that, space on the device becomes critical. Due to this reason, people get selective about installing apps on their mobile. Also, lots of apps create clutter on the phone, which makes it time-consuming and complicated to use the right app at the right time. Due to this many people tend to install only those apps which are very critical for their usage. PWAs do not occupy much space, they are easy to install. They are also easy to use as it does not take loading time or consuming time like it takes to search the right app on the device. To share a mobile app with others, you need to go to the app store, search for the particular app, check whether it is the app you are looking for and then share from there. While sharing is much easier for Progressive Web App Development.

2. Device, OS independent

Apps have to be developed for different OSs like Android, iOS, windows etc. Each OS has specific features, the apps need to align with those features. Even after doing all that, the apps do not work while using Computers, it would only be good for mobile devices. PWAs are independent of any devices. They are directly installed on a browser, so any device, computer, a TV that has a browser can use it. Many startups are still not sure, what their actual audience looks like or what their choices and usage patterns are. For example, if the majority of users are in third world countries, where the android OS and computer usage is popular, but, the startup perceives that the user base uses iOS devices and develops apps compatible with Apple devices then the business will suffer. PWAs ensure that all the users can equally use the application irrespective of their device and operating systems.

3. Enhanced Performance

PWAs have an architecture whereby they cache images, videos, content in a specific manner. They serve this content to the users in a much efficient way which ultimately improves the running speed and performance. Better speed and performance have a great impact on user experience and conversion rates. In this fast-moving world, if an app takes more than a couple of seconds to load to process requests, it might irritate users. Some of these users might switch to other tasks and may never return. Loading delays and processing time waste discourages a user from using the app and delays or cancels buying decisions, which a startup cannot afford. Startups need to go all out and do anything to tap those customers who are a matter of survival for them.

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4. Low cost

Creating a PWA required less money to be spent on app development. Also, Mobile apps required to be developed separately to deal with different operating systems, which increases the cost further. Startups work on budget constraints. It may happen that sometimes due to budget limitations, the startup will have to actually do away without developing the mobile app. PWAs offer this low-cost opportunity to have your own app.

5. Push Notifications

Push Notifications are an important tool for user engagement. It reminds and prompts the users to use the services/app regularly. As per a survey, 60% of users allow apps to send them notifications. Notifications on mobile devices give you reminders to use the app while on the go.

SPAs can send push notifications to users from the browser, while they are using mobile devices or while they are working on a computer. This is an added advantage as compared to the mobile apps, which can send notifications only on mobile devices they are installed on. Hence, SPAs give a one-on over mobile apps, as they can send notifications regularly to a person who is engaged in using computers at work or home also.

Push notifications also increase brand recognition and engagement, as each time a notification comes it displays a logo and creates and enables a customer to think about the brand.

6. More security

PWAs makes use of HTTPS. Due to this, there is a lot of security and privacy guaranteed in the transfer of information. HTTPS protocol makes content tampering or snooping impossible. It also provides security against malicious activities like phishing, spoofing, cyber-attacks and sharing of any private information. Web app development teams utilize cache and fetch APIs for faster loading and execution of PWAs. This very thing makes the entire set-up private and secured. Since the PWAs access directly through the browser, the users can always monitor hardware access and contextual functionality giving them a sense of confidence.

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7. Easy recognition by search engines

PWAs have the same speed, responsiveness and comprehensive capabilities as websites with database access and automatic data. As a result, search engines index them, which is why systems such as Google or Bing can find PWA pages. When compared to mobile software that keeps its internal data only for its own use, the pages of these applications can be found on the internet, which may have a favourable impact on the number of page views. For a startup, more presence on search engines is the most critical thing. Web application development services will help them gain more visibility and thereby reach more users.

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