Quick tips about creating good Eye-Catchy and Fast website

Quick tip to make website

Design is a key of success for any website or software system. If your end user are not loving the software or website they are using, they just stop using it and it will start your business loss.  That’s where importance of design, UI/UX has to be understood. With this article we will be sharing that as part of Mobio Solutions we are pretty matured enough and having best design team to takes care of UI/UX aspects for any solution we build for our customer.

1. Design Aspects:

  • Images : The images should be interesting, unique and of high quality. Make sure it’s not too heavy to load
  • Color : Use eye-catchy and attractive color scheme. There are many free design web sites available helps you to find out best suitable colors based on your company logo
  • Text : Most important factor. It includes, content, description, messaging, instructions and labels. It must be reflecting your business and SEO friendly
  • Navigation : Another UX component. Website workflow must be so that user can find what he is looking for. You can implement various analytical tools to keep observing usage pattern.

2. Font Selection:

Selecting right set of fonts is also very much required. It is as important as you are using beautiful, meaningful banner images, videos, icons etc. Your text content must be readable so right font style, size and color plays an important role here. Make sure to include required font files along with your images in your website. This prevents you from missing font issues in some of the browsers or computers.

3. It’s your virtual impression, Don’t Go Over:

Everyone in today’s world is aware about it but most of the design & development companies may do mistakes and this impacts your virtual identity. With proper website, you are looking forward to create your appropriate online presence, but not at the cost of over loaded content or wrong decision on selecting design or website content.

4. Mobile Friendliness:

Nowadays, out of 10 clicks you expect 8 clicks are from mobile device. One cannot compromise on mobile enabled website. Make sure you are selecting images, icons, design, colors and fonts which looks cool on mobile also. There are tools available within each browser and sites like recently Google as launched as website testing tool called , where you can take a test, before you go live.

5. Speed:

Most important factor. Your site must be sleek and fast on desktop and mobile. Industry says that a page cannot take more than 3 seconds to load on your device, else you will start seeing high bounce rate. Again, user required tool to verify your website speed. Work on recommendations provided by such tool. Best is you are giving a clear instruction to your website development team to consider this facts in mind. Choosing right hosting provider of specific region is also a factor.

6. A/B Testing:

It’s one of the popular ways to identify user’s choice and usage pattern. Here, provide variants of design. For example, you have a large Contact us action button on your site’s homepage and you would like to evaluate which color, text and placement will be more meaningful. By running a test, some user may see an option (A) and some will see an option (B). You can measure the results to see which option, configuration and placement performs better than other one. You can take a decision based on such output.

7. Website Development Team:

All these tips are meaningful if your website development team is having enough experience building website. Choosing right team is the key and then you are rest assure.