Mobile CRM and Benefits

Benefits of Mobile CRM

What is Mobile CRM?

Accessing customer data is no longer a challenging task for the remote employees of an organization. The mobile CRM evolves as an optimum solution to enable remote employees to assess, interact, and update the important customer data through the use of mobile devices. In addition to the functions that were possible through the CRM on the desktop, the mobile employees can now avail of the advanced features of the mobile CRM.

Why Mobile CRM?

With the ever-growing expectations of society, the need for accessing information anytime and anywhere is increasing. Moreover, the increase in the number of home office employees and mobile workforces, the need for real-time information access has become imperative. In order to stay ahead in the competitive era, mobile CRM has become the need of the hour.

While many people have a perception that mobile CRM streamlines the internal processes, but it actually offers much more. It enables you to find out the order status, views the buying trend of customers, and keep track of the date of purchase of the last item. Mobile CRM helps in enhancing the overall experiences of the customers.

For instance, if you are a sales executive in Atlanta, GA, and you are on a customer call. Before the meeting, you would definitely go through the latest reports of the customer’s status and the account details using the office-based CRM system. Being able to access all the valuable information from your hotel room makes you feel confident about the meeting.

Then when you go for a meeting the next morning, you would again check the CRM system while in the car, in order to ensure that you have all the updated information. In case, you find any new alert on account of the customer, you access the information from the office-based CRM system and provide them to the respective customer.

It not only ensures an exceptionally well performance in the meeting but also allows you to update the account of the customer about the important notes discussed in the meeting while driving back to the hotel. With instant access to the office-based CRM system, mobile CRM enhances the connectivity as well as communication of the organizations.

No longer do employees have to be dependent on the head office. With an improved work-life, the efficiency of the employees also increases. The use of mobile CRM also benefits organizations by providing better information management, cost savings, and improved sales experience for the customers.

Access to Crucial Information

The mobile CRM enables the sales professionals to access all the important customer information whenever required from any place. Staring from the customer account history to the purchase details and pricing information, you can access all the vital information through the mobile CRM.

Increased Sales

With all the essential information available at the fingertip of the salespersons, increasing sales in no longer a challenging task. You no longer have to invest more time in finding the contact details of the customers or recall the last conversation details. By providing the salespeople with the ability to involve in meaningful conversations with the clients, increasing sales become easier.

Shortened Sales Cycle

In order to shorten the sales cycle, organizations can customize the mobile CRM to suit their needs the best. With easy access to important information like the latest pricing models, inventory availability, and other information, shortening the sales cycles becomes possible.

Faster Planning and Production

While the sales professionals are always on tours and busy attending a number of meetings, mobile CRM can be of great help. It helps in keeping all the data well organized and enables the salespeople to submit the orders faster. Even before they reach the office, the order can be delivered, thereby enabling faster production.

Improved Information

While the sales team collects a huge amount of information, keeping them organized can be difficult. It can even lead to situations like information overload, which ultimately affects the overall performance of the sales team. In order to utilize the data for the best benefit of the organization, having access to meaningful information is important. Mobile CRM helps in providing improved information that works well in favor of the organization.

What Devices Work Efficiently with Mobile CRM?

In the current scenario, the mobile CRM is able to work well on different mobile devices like Android smartphones and tablets, Blackberry phones and tablets, Windows phones, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices having a web connection. In order to use mobile CRM, the devices need to be optimized for the appropriate use of test scenarios.

With mobile CRM, you can also access the unique capabilities of mobile devices like voice recording, photo capturing, and uploading the same into the CRM system, GPS data, and more.

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