How To Build MVP For Startups: Guide To Build A Minimum Viable Product

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It happens mostly that people have an idea, but they remain unsure about its implementation. This lack of clarity is mostly because of the risk associated. Needless is to say that this risk factor often becomes crucial in the case of start-ups. This is where MVP Development Company comes into play. MVPs can significantly lower their risk.

MVP is moreover about a product offering the lone most crucial service, which is its core functionality. Post-launch, the product can be tested on real users and enhanced further until MVP becomes the all-encompassing product initially imagined. Developing MVP can be crucial in many ways, ranging from validation of ideas, making initial earning to fetching investor attention.

However, the MVP development process needs to be strategic to deliver maximum yield. Therefore, the following abstracts can be like a useful guide for the start-ups in their attempt at MVP development.

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Approaches That Startups Can Follow for MVP Development

There can be various approaches associated with MVP development. A start-up cam considers any of the following types of MVP products.

       1. No Product Development of MVP

This method is about idea validation and obtaining feedback without involving real coding. The companies mostly emphasize conducting marketing campaigns aimed at testing the scope of the product. Here the landing pages, surveys, demo videos, etc., are used for introducing the idea to the market.

       2. Mock-Up MVP

The development of mock-up MVPs is useful for businesses to present certain features of the upcoming product. Here the developers mostly replace the complex features in place of easy development solutions. Moreover, the aim remains here to deliver user-experience as close as the reality.

Get business technology consulting services & turn your business idea into reality- Request quote

Get business technology consulting services & turn your business idea into reality- Request quote

       3. MLP

Aimed at greater customer accomplishment, MLP is developed to generate the most significant initial impression in potential users’ minds. The feedback thus obtained can be thoroughly encouraging for the start-ups.

Step-By-Step Guide for Startups to Develop MVP

Step I – Conducting Market Research and Understanding Business Needs

The developer needs to have the clarity to depict potential users regarding the problems it can solve.  It can be a crucial step to take a strong data-backed decision. The research phase involves various dimensions of checking the competition level and how it can be distinguished from others.

Step II – Identifying the Right MVP Idea

Any application needs to effectively address a specific problem to be successful. Hence, the start-ups need to pay enough time regarding USPs to turn the MVP into a success. Most importantly, the MVP needs to be thoroughly scalable. An inexperienced start-up may struggle when it comes to scalability. On such occasions, taking the help of professional MVP development services can be highly recommended.

Step III – Figure Out the Desired ‘User Flow’

‘User flow’ is about defining the path that a potential customer will take through the business. To develop the most user-friendly app, start-ups must ensure that the user-flow features key functionalities for user accomplishment. In this context, the start-ups need to meticulously analyze things to develop the simplest process delivering optimal user experience.

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Step IV – Defining the MVP Specs Well

Making the user flow outlined can be helpful for the businesses in defining the entire key specs that need to be included in the MVP and the ones to be dropped. There needs to be clarity on things that the users want. Job is not done simply upon figuring the key features; it needs to be ordered at the priority level. Make sure that the most important element of the app is the one with the highest market demand.

Step V – MVP Development

Sorting the key specs and thoroughly understanding the entire market needs, the MVP development should start. Ensure that the concerned company for app development should ensure about developing apps that can be useful for the customers. Most importantly, the startups need to pick the best technology to meet project needs well. This way, the final product can be easily scalable.

Step VI – Executing the Feedback Obtained Through the Market

Once the MVP is finally available, the same can be launched in the market. In concurrence, the testing of the product going on ensures its stability. However, the testing keeps on after the development is over. The integral testing involves QA engineers to improve the product when the development goes on and post its release.

Let us help you to build an MVP product

Let us help you to build an MVP product

The testing process must also involve user acceptance to obtain key feedback on things that are absent in MVP. Thus, not just it enhances the product, but it lowers risks as well. The consistent enhancement makes sure that ultimately the startup attains the final product best fit for the targeted market available for monetization and generating profit.


MVP undoubtedly is a great concept helping start-ups reduce the risk upon developing a fundamental edition of a product idea simply and most effectively. Upon following the approach as explained above, one can certainly develop an MVP effectively. However, it’s thoroughly understandable that not all start-ups are confident about executing the steps effectively, though they are quite sure about the effectiveness of MVP. On such occasions, hiring a well-regarded MVP Development Company would be a great idea. In this way, they can assure about having a great product in nominal time.

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