8 Reasons Why Startups Prefer to Choose ReactJS for App Development?

8 Reasons Why Startups Prefer to Choose ReactJS for App Development

The vast number of libraries and multiple frameworks have made the front end development tech stack multifaceted and rich. For all business owners, choosing a perfect tool to take their business online can be challenging. But the future success of the product depends on it.

Going for some tried and tested tools, for example, Angular can be a good option for you. However, you can now go for some new options if you are developing a specific type of application for your business. For instance, ReactJS. But why should you go for it when you can go for CSS, HTML5, .NET, and more? Keep reading to get your answer. choose the best ReactJS development services and develop a startup app to see the differences.

What Do You Mean by ReactJS?

In the app development industry, ReactJS has emerged as a popular JavaScript library. The platform is managed by Facebook and has some valuable features. One of the significant benefits of using ReactJS is the extraordinary level of simplicity it offers. Besides, the library’s scalability, smoothness, and agility have made it easier to create the new generation apps faster and efficiently.

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Why Choose ReactJS?

       1. Witness the Speed of App Development

The ability of React to easily optimize all the reusable components makes it comfortable for the app developers to integrate different new aspects in the app development.  You can constantly look at the project, and when you use React Native, the app development speed increases. React Native is a popular open-source framework, perfect for iOS and Android app development. Even though there will be a significant reduction in time consumption, this won’t affect the quality.

       2. Easy to Learn

Compared to other front end frameworks, such as Vue or Angular, you will find ReactJS relatively easier to learn. As a result, businesses can now quickly develop their projects. The harder it is to understand a technology, the more time you will take to start the development work. Besides, people avoid things that are challenging to learn. But when you have ReactJS, you can start the project as soon as possible using simple frameworks.

Looking to build a dynamic web app with prompt rendering? Get in touch

Looking to build a dynamic web app with prompt rendering? Get in touch

       3. Best for Cross-Platform App Development

The framework enables the experts to develop a high-performance application that can run on Android and iOS platforms. You can easily integrate reusable codes on the framework without writing new codes. ReactJS has eliminated the requirements for the various programming languages, for example, Objective C, Java, Swift, and more. Instead of hiring a big team of iOS and Android developers, you can hire a single ReactJS developer to kick start your project. Besides, as a single code will be used for Android and iOS applications, you don’t have to recompile the apps.

       4. You Can Come Up with Custom Components

ReactJS comes equipped with JSX, a popular syntax extension. Using this, you can now create your components based on the requirements.  These components generally work with HTML quoting. Besides, using this rendering of subcomponents will be easy. Even though there are multiple debates on this syntax extension, the developers use JSX widely to write custom components, create React Element trees from HTML mock-ups, and develop high-volume applications.

       5. Better Application Stability in The Long Run

Most startups look for an application development framework that doesn’t become outdated in the long run. They need a framework or a platform that can easily upgrade itself with time to offer updated features. As Facebook manages the platform, ReactJS will never go old-fashioned. Businesses prefer this platform over others due to ReactJS’s ability to carry out the long-lasting interface of mobile and web applications.

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       6. Faster Rendering

When developing a high-load and complex application, it is crucial to define the application’s structure initially, which can significantly affect its performance. Most apps follow Document Object Model or DOM. This is tree-structure, and slight modification in any layer can impact the application’s user interface. However, to solve the issue, Facebook introduced a new feature called Virtual DOM.

As the name suggests, this is a virtual format of DOM. Using this, app developers can test the changes using the virtual DOM first to test the performance of the modifications. With this, possible risks can be avoided. Furthermore, the virtual DOM can be used to make a refined UI and maintain high app performance.

       7. Streamlined Testing

Another primary reason ReactJS has been preferred over JavaScript and other app development frameworks can be attributed to the ease at which app developers can carry out the test of their projects. With React, effecting application testing is relatively easy, with a few simple clicks, and you are good to go.

In the case of app testing, there are some frameworks that this platform supports. For example, you can use reacts-di and Babel. Using these frameworks, you can easily observe the outputs, cases and set the testing methods. App developers looking for dynamic exposure can go for the ECMAScript 6 segment for React.

       8. A Great Community Support

ReactJS has robust community support. Every day, many developers are contributing towards making this a powerful front-end app development framework. ReactJS has more than 1330 regular contributors and more than 136,000 stars on GitHub.

On the other hand, the experts are also uploading free React tutorials in blogs, articles, and videos. So, you can learn everything online. Furthermore, ReactJS experts always help users solve their doubts on different QA platforms, such as Quora, Stack Overflow, and more. So, you can expect reliable solutions anytime you want.

Every startup wants to keep its application development cost as low as possible. Besides, managing two separate teams of iOS and Android developers can lead to more expenses. So, ReactJS can be an ideal solution for them as this single platform is enough to create hybrid applications just by hiring a ReactJS developer. Moreover, the app development industry is progressing with the advancement of ReactJS. So, go for it now.

As a leading ReactJS Development Company, Mobio Solutions will ensure that we make the most out of React’s possibilities, to help take your business to new heights. ReactJS allows developers to make huge web applications that can change data, without reloading the page.