The Ultimate List of PHP Frameworks for Web Development

PHP frameworks

In the digital era of today, doing business without a website is just not possible. However, with the increasing complexity of developing websites, web developers now have to write thousands of codes. It can consume a great deal of time, thereby delaying the launch of the website.

This is exactly where PHP frameworks prove to be helpful. The PHP frameworks help reduce the development time by offering systematic and reusable codes that enable the efficient completion of the project. Developing high quality and accurate websites become easy with the help of these frameworks.

Wondering which PHP framework to use for your web development? As there is a wide range of PHP frameworks available, it is quite common to find it challenging to choose the right one. To make your task easy, here is the ultimate list of PHP frameworks for web development that you must opt for your web development project.

1. Laravel

When it comes to the most popularly used PHP framework, nothing can beat the Laravel web development framework. Businesses widely use the modern framework for building rich applications. It is an open-source framework and comes with several users as well as innovative features. The elegant syntax that is easy to grasp makes it a preferred option for web developers. It allows you to use the built-in functions and add-ons for effective caching, user management, and much more. Moreover, with a highly active community, you can easily find solutions to the challenges during web development.

2. Zend

Zend is a reliable and lightweight PHP framework that comes with ample loaded features. It is an MVC based and object-oriented framework that allows you to load components you require for web development. Having its foundation on agile functionality, it helps in providing the businesses with high-quality applications. Zend follows all the vital PHP practices and is extremely customizable. The flexible architecture of the framework enables you to develop customized web applications efficiently. Moreover, it helps web developers in faster development and enhances overall productivity.

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3. Symfony

Symfony is one of the top PHP frameworks used by web developers in recent times. It helps in developing web applications faster and ensures easy maintenance. The component and bundle system of Symfony allows you to use the whole framework or only select the function that you require. The built-in testing functionality of the framework ensures that the web application functions in the desired way. Better security, high flexibility, long-term support, and faster development are some of the key features that are behind the growing popularity of the Symfony PHP framework.

4. Codelgniter

When you are looking for a PHP framework for developing dynamic website applications, Codelgniter is a perfect choice. It comes with several pre-built modules that help in the development of reusable and vigorous components. Being easy to learn, this PHP framework is ideal for beginners. The open-source framework does not have any strict coding rules and allows for easy implementation. Codelgniter is user-friendly, scalable, and secure, thereby ensuring the great performance of the web applications.

5. Yii

While working on a web development project that includes several iterative and repetitive tasks, Yii is the best PHP framework to use. The open-source framework is object-oriented and component-based. It is a lightweight framework popular among web developers because of its easy extendibility and simple installation process. It is especially ideal for developing e-commerce websites, CMS, forums, portals, RESTful web services, and much more.

6. Phalcon

If you are looking for a high performing PHP framework, Phalcon is the best choice. It is one of the fastest PHP frameworks that possess exceptional architecture and advanced features. Phalcon requires much fewer resources and ensures faster development of web applications. The low-level architecture of the PHP framework helps in faster execution of the different website components. The template engine is yet another beneficial feature offered by Phalcon.

Wrapping Up

A wide choice of PHP frameworks is available now to enable businesses to select the one that suits their requirements. With the right PHP framework, you can develop exceptional web applications that will enhance your business’s overall productivity and revenues.

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