The Seamless Container Survey System For Every Logistics Company

Container Survey System

In the shipping industry, several aspects have to be monitored. When the shipping industry is handling a major volume of ecommerce packages and other packages being sent around the world, the monitoring of shipping equipment like containers is necessary. Mobio Solutions is a company that has been relentlessly working towards developing technology products that can help monitor and improve logistics.

The container monitoring application or container survey system is a robust application that helps track container conditions and needs for repair. In this article, you will know how Mobio Solutions has created a seamless and robust container survey system for shipping vessels.

The Logistics Monitoring Services of Mobio Solutions

There are several logistics app development solutions that the company creates, and the container survey system is a leading one in the array of services that the company provides. The container survey system is based on the programming languages of React Native. The React Native framework makes the app a strong, efficient one that can be used on android and IOS systems. These days, professionals use several devices and operating systems, and a cross-platform app for logistics monitoring services was the need of the hour.

The container survey solution is adaptable and can be used on the mobile platform across many devices. The logistics app development services can be accessed through mobile devices so that the monitoring process can be done on the go and in real-time. This Indian-origin app is a universal app that can be used across multiple shipping containers and gives accurate results.

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Purpose of the Container Survey System

In this section, you will know about the purpose why the container survey system developed by Mobio Solutions. The container survey system focuses on determining whether the container chosen is the right one or not. The survey system ensures that the container is in good condition and is suitable to carry the bulk cargo’s weight. With the help of the container survey report, the company can reduce the liability linked with shipping and other processes involved in container logistics.

The container survey app also ensures that the damage after the task and maintenance of the container goes well. The app tracks the damage done to the containers and shares more details on the damaged parts of the container. The smart app can tell you about the container type, model, and condition by a simple method. Therefore, the app is a technical tool that is more accurate and better than manual monitoring processes of container damage surveys monitoring. The app quickens the pace of the entire process so that the fundamental shipping process can become faster and safer. Managing many containers is easy for carrier services through this particular app from Mobio Solutions.

Your business can do far better with a Mobile App

Your business can do far better with a Mobile App

Key features of the Container Monitoring Solution

Some design elements and key features of the container monitoring application make it worth using. These features increase the usability and benefits drawn from the app.

1. OCR for detecting the container number

The optical character recognition feature of the app is used to detect the container number. The OCR is used to easily scan the container number so that the container is registered into the app records and used for storage. The number helps classify the entire data related to the container. The OCR reader is a feature that helps in easy mobile device reading the container and its specification.

2. Multi-language support

The logistics support system offers multiple language support, which helps make the app a universal system for container monitoring. The multi-language support helps shippers across different international boundaries use the whole system. Since shipping happens worldwide, the multi-language support helps increase the app’s base and is useful for an extensive sector of users in the shipping market. Language support is a major utility future that increases the spheres of use for the app.

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3. Multi-branded support

The container survey system is also a versatile app that can be used to extend multi-branded support. The container survey system can be used to read and monitor multiple types of containers. Since the app is a mobile app that can be used across multiple platforms, the support spectrum for the containers is higher than a single dimension app that only restricts to a single platform. The container survey system can be used to read containers of different brands and is used by different shipping companies that operate with multiple types of containers.

4. Offline sync

The offline syncing option is useful in logistics app development solutions because it lets us store and access data without the internet. In areas where the network fluctuates, or there is very little data bandwidth, the storage option allows access to data from anywhere. The offline syncing option automatically stores the monitoring data and organizes it so that the handlers can access them at any time and use the data to continue the repair process. The data of every monitoring session can be accessed at the moment of repair so that it can be used to do the right repairs to the whole container.

A complete container maintenance solution

The Mobio Solutions container damage survey monitoring is seamless. It syncs with containers of different brands and syncs the data across different platforms so that the staff can access it when tracking and repairing. The whole app aims to foster complete container maintenance so that the container efficiency is high at all times and the shipping company gets better productivity from it.


Using a container survey system that is technically advanced helps quicken the manual process and improves the efficiency of the monitoring process. Mobio solutions are trusted with logistics app development services as they create highly efficient and targeted apps that solve real-life problems for companies and industries. The container survey system lets the companies know about the health of the container and make the shipping process safer. In the long run, the app helps improve the economics behind shipping as it reduces losses due to shipping failure and damage.