It’s Intern Season At Mobio: Meet Our Former All-Star Interns

It’s Intern Season At Mobio: Meet Our Former All-Star Interns

The Mobio Summer Internship Program begins in a few weeks. We’re excited to announce that 20 students will join us remotely from around Gujarat to have a once-in-a-lifetime work and learning experience and to be a part of a never-ending fun ride.

We spoke to previous interns who have since joined us full-time to learn more about their internship experiences before the program’s commencement. Interns described their internship experience as exciting, valuable, inspiring, and fast-paced.

At a hyper-growth startup, we focus on offering interns the ability to succeed and contribute in meaningful ways. Vaibhav Gaur, our Digital Marketing Specialist, stated that the best part of his internship was seeing that his work was ‘essential and had a direct impact on the company.

Interns at Mobio Solutions can take on tasks they might not have had the opportunity to handle otherwise. Neetu Kushwaha, an Angular developer, recalls her favourite assignment as the successful and highly influential implementation of a new Glimpulse feature. “This was my first project implementing a new change from beginning to end. Six weeks after joining Mobio Solutions, I picked up this assignment. I had no experience in the business of doing a change, but we exceeded our targets. Everything went as planned, and I was pleased with the result.”

Parth Jani, Being a UIUX Intern at Mobio Solutions was a fantastic experience for me. Talented and passionate people surrounded me. Over three months, I met many wonderful people and was blessed with amazing mentors who opened my eyes to good designs. They helped me to widen my perspective and creativity as a UIUX Designer. In addition, it was a fantastic experience to work with such a supportive team and a company that places great value on design.

Shubhangi Hingu, as a NodeJS Developer, I have taken a great opportunity to improve my skills in working on projects. It’s a great organization, and I’ve learned a lot here. I feel that I am working with professionals with whom I can learn and that they will push me to expand my skills horizon and take on new and challenging opportunities. We had weekly meetings where we’d learn new things for NodeJS, and the senior leadership team was very approachable, supportive, and motivational.

Everyone at Mobio wants you to grow,” Smit Dudhat, a Python Developer, said. “We are all working towards making Mobio as great as it can be, but first and foremost, we are all people, and personal and professional growth is significant here.” It’s been an incredible journey till now. Whatever I’ve learned from my colleagues and seniors is impressive.

Mushir Siddiqui, React Developer, Mobio Solutions, allowed me to start my career as a web developer. I was offered real work projects with actual employees as an intern; it was a great learning experience that significantly boosted my learning curve. The work experience was unique. I worked with amazing people and have learned so much. If I had told myself I would learn React js and would have the opportunity to be part of an ongoing project where I learned about firebase in such a short time, I would not have believed myself!

I am thankful for this opportunity and the platform that was given to me by Mobio Solutions. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to start a career in web development but doesn’t know where to start.

We are so grateful for the contributions our former interns have made and contribute to make and look forward to seeing what this year’s interns accomplish!