Fetch webpage metadata using laravel

Fetch webpage metadata using Laravel

A mobiosolutions team has created laravel package for getting all kind of meta tags from given URL.

GitHub : https://github.com/mobiosolutions/metatags


Perform the following operations in order to use this package

  1. Run composer require "mobiosolutions/metatags" in your terminal
  1. Add Service Provider

    Open config/app.php and add
    mobiosolutions\metatags\Providers\MetatagsProvider::class, to the end
    of providers array:
    'providers' => array(

    Next under the aliases array:
    'aliases' => array(
         'Metatags' =>


  1. You need to install the DOM extension.

How to use

After following the above steps,
 // Add to your controller
     use Metatags;
     $metadata = Metatags::get("https://example.com/");

Happy Coding 🙂