What is Apple ARKit? ARKit is Apple’s framework for augmented reality apps and games

What is Apple ARKit?

A new framework by Apple that allows you to easily create and incorporate augmented reality into your apps and games. ARKit runs on the Apple A9, A10, and A11 processors, with their powerful capabilities providing a very smooth and impressive experience.

It allows the iOS device to identify the environment around you and real-world scenes including different surfaces, planes, and objects, which you can then use to add virtual objects on top of, manipulate, and keep track of as the device moves.

You need to determine what kind of augmented reality you want for your mobile app or game: marker-based or location-based. Marker-based augmented reality tools are based on image recognition. Location-based augmented reality tools are based on position detectors or GPS to determine your current location and then adjust the environment and create objects accordingly.

The more advanced the augmented reality tools are, the more powerful they can detect 3D markers and real-life objects. The most advanced augmented reality SDKs support recognition of 3D markers and real-life objects. Of course, there are other aspects that you need to consider including supported platforms, whether they offer a Unity plugin, as well as additional features and pricing.

ARKit was introduced as part of iOS 11. It recognizes the environment around you, including planes and objects, and then allows you to place your own objects in that environment, manipulate them and keep track of them as the iPhone moves.

ARKit integrates with Apple’s 2D and 3D gaming platforms, SceneKit and SpriteKit, very easily and all it takes to set up the SceneKit’s view is about four lines of code and then one for adding ARKit.

  • Platforms: iOS.
  • Unity Supported: Yes
  • Pricing : Based on demand, depending on active projects, not users.