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FieldTrackly - Field Force Management

FieldTracky is a Field Staff Management Software. It provides Real-Time access to the current location of field staff and intelligent task management features to empower the field team. With simple mobile Interface field staff can easily manage their attendance, customers daily meetings, expenses and important target analysis digitally. As a business owner, you have a live view of employee attendance, daily meetings and their current location. Smart reporting feature enables management team and field staff to keep updated about daily / monthly activities and see employee wise performance. Your on-field staff has a mobile application which ease their job to go paperless and maintain their work over the phone.

Optimize Business Process

Increase Operational Efficiency

Enhance Customer Experience

Maximize Field Productivity

Key Features

Enhance field staff productivity and improve efficiency

Strengthen client relationships and build customer loyalty

Leverage GIS information for a bird's eye view of the team

Live Data Insights with the help of Mobile App

Attendance and Expense management becomes easy

Seamless Communication through the Messaging & Notifications feature

Fully Customized to match your business requirement

Salesforce CRM Integration Ready

Field Staff Management System

Smart Attendance

A simple check-in and check-out enables location tracking for the people on the field. Once enabled, it shares location information at regular intervals. Team managers and teammates can locate checked-in people & optimize field activities and communication accordingly.

Target vs Achievements

On field team can focus their Targets belonging to relevant and dynamic business segments. Daily & Monthly activity plans can be created to target these segments with specific products and meetings.

Field Staff Management System
Field Staff Management System

Staff Mobility

Mobile GPS tracking brings you top-level field staff management. Minimize phone calls by being able to monitor your team’s progress through a web platform

Quick and Easy Data Handling

With a simple and easy to use interface, your staff will be able to record all the necessary meeting information, customer information and visit data at the push of a button, so they can do more work.

Field Staff Management System
Field Staff Management System

Easy Monitoring

FieldTrackly With Its Unique GEO-Tagging Facility Allows Back office team To Monitor Field Employee’s Work During The Day Thereby Increasing Transparency And Accountability In The Organization.


Performance and operations of field activities done by field staff can be viewed in real-time through dashboards, analytics, reports, notifications, and alerts, on mobile devices by senior or management team to take instant corrective action.

Field Staff Management System

Seamless Communication

Through the Messaging & Notifications feature, create a platform for everyone connected with sales and marketing to be able to connect, communicate and collaborate for improving productivity.

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Field Staff Management System FAQs

What is the maximum number of people the Field Staff Management System can manage?

As it is there is no limit to the number of people you can manage using the Field Staff Management System. But, there might be an upgrade required in server capacity or bandwidth usage if the number of people is beyond a limit.

How much do I have to pay to use the Field Staff Management System?

Usually there is a one time cost plus flat monthly or yearly charges to use the software. The one time cost may depend on your requirement of some features. If you have a simple usage, without any complex bespoke requirements, your cost will be reduced.

How do I know how to use the Field Staff Management Software?

The company will provide you with a manual that will have details on how to use the software. You can get answers to queries by referring to the manual anytime. You can also hand over the manual to a new employee who would be conversant to use the software after going through the document. Alternatively, team Mobio Solutions provides one time initial in-depth training to your staff. Team Mobio Solutions would also be able to answer your ongoing queries as and when you come across.

How much time will it take to deliver after we place the order?

In usual circumstances, you will get the delivery and successful installation of the software in 2-3 working days. However, organisations who require special features and bespoke changes, may have to wait for a few more days after placing the order. Although the expected delivery time would be clearly conveyed to you before you place the order. Mobio Solutions values customer’s time and has developed a process which ensures delivery and installation is error free and consumes minimum time.