Overview Of Solar Device Monitoring- Guidance Based On Our Case Study

Overview Of Solar Device Monitoring- Guidance Based On Our Case Study

Are you looking for a data monitoring and solar energy device with a comparison of energy cost and consumption? If yes, this post will help you understand the market overview of solar device monitoring. In addition, it will highlight its key features, development process, cost and case study so that you can choose the right renewable energy app development company that suits your needs.

Solar Monitoring: Market Overview

In recent years, significant growth has been identified in the solar device monitoring market due to the rising adoption of solar energy systems worldwide. The solar device monitoring market is expected to generate an 18% of CAGR during the forecast period of 2021 to 2027. Solar device monitoring generally uses hardware and software systems to analyze and track different components of a solar energy system and the solar panel’s performance.

It has been identified that Europe and North America are the largest solar device monitoring market that has adopted significant solar energy systems. Significant growth is observed in the Asia-Pacific region due to the rising adoption of solar energy in India and China. This market is highly competitive as players focus on developing and innovating advanced management and monitoring systems to offer customers better renewable energy app development services.

Key Features of the Solar Monitoring

Nowadays, the demand for energy mobile app solutions is growing, along with the introduction of some key features that are highlighted below.

1. Real-Time Consumption View

The unique feature of solar device monitoring allows the users to monitor and view their real-time production and energy consumption. It offers a detailed view of generating energy through solar panels and using energy from different devices and appliances. The web-based interface or software application has made it easy to access the real-time consumption view. This mobile energy app solution allows users to view their production data and energy consumption in different formats like tables, charts, and graphs.

Our Casestudy: Inverter Intelligent Monitoring System

2. Device Detail View

The device detail view feature allows the users to get detailed information about the individual components’ performance in the system. It lets users view historical and real-time data on individual devices like inverters, batteries, and solar panels.

3. Group-Wise Energy And Device Data Analytics

Group-wise energy and device data analytics are important features of renewable energy app development solutions that give insights into the overall performance of the solar system. It allows the development of groups of devices located in the same area or with the same characteristics.

4. Forecast View According To Sanction Demand

This feature helps predict future energy consumption with data analytics and advanced algorithms so that users can reduce energy waste and plan energy usage.

5. Cost v/s Consumption View For The Selected Devices

The cost vs consumption view feature allows users to compare their preferred devices’ energy costs and consumption. This feature helps optimize users’ energy usage and find energy-saving opportunities.

6. Calendar View Of The Selected Device And Parameters To Filter The Data

This feature allows the users to check out the solar energy system’s performance within a specific period. Users can filter data using specific parameters, including temperature, energy output, and voltage.

7. Multi Window View For Device v/s Parameters or Parameter v/s Device.

This feature allows the users to check out the individual device’s performance in specific parameters.

8. Dashboard With Groupwise, Hourly, Selected Tenure Energy Consumption For Selected Device And Parameter

With this feature, users can select a specific parameter and tenure feature to view the current or voltage of the solar system.

Tech Stack for Building a Solar Monitoring

All the features mentioned above are integrated into the new renewable energy app development solution called SmartFi. It is a solar data monitoring and solar energy device platform which allows users to monitor their solar system by comparing the energy cost and consumption. The energy parameters like Wh, Wh Exp, LMP, and others are used in the system to prepare the report. It helps to export the data for better usage and better future analysis. It is a monitor device like Cooling Tower, Reactor Agitator, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Make a Solar Monitoring App? 

Many factors are associated with the development cost of the solar device monitoring app, which may include the offering features, the app’s complexity, and the involved developed platform. However, the development cost of a basic-level solar monitoring app with limited functionality may be around $10,000 to $20,000. On the contrary, a more complex solar monitoring app with advanced features may cost around $50,000 and above.

Apart from these, the solar device monitoring app’s development cost can also be influenced by the development team’s experience and size, ongoing support and maintenance costs, and the required customization. Working with professional renewable energy app development services and budgets is crucial to get an effective and high-quality solar monitoring app.

Our Case Study in Solar Monitoring

After analyzing solar device monitoring, it has been identified that it is associated with many challenges, including managing huge amounts of data, reliable communication, addressing cybersecurity risks, and maintaining accurate system information. It isn’t easy to manage and maintain a big network of solar networks, and it requires improved data analysis and monitoring.

Hence, introducing solar device monitoring is the ideal choice that uses hardware and software systems to analyze and track different components of a solar energy system and the solar panel’s performance. As a result, it helps to understand the operation of the solar system and better monitoring of the system through email alerts and better mobile accessibility.

Our Casestudy: SmartFi is used to monitor renewable energy data consumption of devices


Overall, the solar device monitoring market demand is growing extensively because of the rising concern over climate change and the requirement for better management and monitoring of solar energy systems to save cost and ensure maximum efficiency. Thus, choose the right renewable energy app development company to find a better energy app solution. Based on our case study with Mobio Solution’s expertise in mobile app development, it is evident that proper monitoring enables early detection of faults and malfunctions, thereby reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Additionally, it facilitates effective decision-making by providing real-time data and insights on system performance and energy generation.