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The INVERTER Intelligent Monitoring system serves an analysis of solar plant energy generation for multiple providers namely (Solax, Growatt). It provides a dashboard which includes the numbers of different key parameters which states the energy generation from the inverter. It includes filtering of data according to requirements and observing the analytics related to that data. Overall, it includes the data from different plants of different providers, compiled and structured in a single web system. This system enables business user to observe and understand key data from different providers on a single platform and avoid browsing provider’s website to get the data and analysis.

Design Key Features

  • Fetch real time data from the different solar-panel manufacturers.
  • Data Cleaning operation over fetched data using API.
  • Display important Data(feed in energy, feed in power etc.) in Tabular Form with filter and search facility.
  • Inverter Alarms such as Fault Mode, Standby Mode etc. which is reported in any plant.
  • Intuitive dashboard to get overview of real time data and KPI's.
  • Display data interactively with customized graphs.
  • Multiple inverter data platform integration.
  • Easy accessibility of inverter data and its insights on a single platform.

INVERTER Intelligent Monitoring - Smart analysis of solar plant energy.


The challenge for the client was to get the energy generated data from different providers for the renewable energy (solar panel) on a single platform. It was a time consuming and tedious process for anyone to deal with different systems. Data from different renewable energy providers comes in a different format. Compiling them was a big challenge. Impacting major key decisions due to not having proper dashboard showing real time data and various real time statistics.  The manufacture company only provides data of their respective platform and not the other one. The other challenge like getting an alert of the actual fault in the inverters, displaying the false data, which were quite challenging to manage for different providers.

Our Solutions

The solution designed and developed to fetch and merge all solar-panel manufacturer data on a single platform and display the required insights on it. Created an insightful dashboard for two main data providers namely Solax and Growatt. Fetching data happens at a minute of interval with an automated job from various providers server. There were various technical and functional challenges team has managed while pulling data on frequent basis should not avoid any blocking of overall process. Mobio Solutions’ architect and development team has provided a simple yet interactive dashboard to the business users. Mobio Solutions’ division, UAXE Labs has designed appealing dashboard for the client team which shows a compiled data in a graphic form to make it easy to understand.


There was quite a significant impact in day to day operations. Company has now all real-time information related to both the inverter data providers in a form of graphical representation. Now core team can perform relative analytics based on various data and take calculative decision for future enhancements. Team can now focus on different insights and analytics rather than finding solutions to gather data and then apply formulas. Client Team can now get information on an individual user’s generated data in detail with more clarity. They can compare both the data provider company’s data and perform analysis relatively. Business operations gets smoother, productivity increased which overall resulted into customer satisfaction and increase in business.

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