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SmartFi is the solar energy device and data monitoring platform where user can monitor device, energy consumption using the device and have comparison of energy consumption with cost. The System has generates various reports based on energy parameters like Wh, LMP, Wh Exp and many more. It also allows user to export the data for future analysis and usage. The system constantly monitors the devices and notifies in case of any device is unable to connect or not working as expected.SmartFi is monitor devices like Reactor Agitator, Cooling Tower, Plant Lighting for customers like Indo Baijin Chemicals PVT LTD.

Design Key Features

  • Device detail view
  • Realtime consumption view
  • Group wise energy and device data analytics
  • Forecast View according to sanction demand
  • Cost v/s Consumption view for the selected devicex
  • Calendar View of the selected device and parameters to filter the data.
  • Multi Window view for Device v/s Parameters or Parameter v/s Device
  • Dashboard with Groupwise, Hourly, selected tenure energy consumption for selected device and parameter.

SmartFi - Renewable Energy Devices Monitoring Platform


  • Tracking of device through live location
  • Tracking of energy consumption and cost
  • Difficult to manage devices and groups of these devices
  • Lack of various reports based on different key parameters
  • Unable to get status of device functioning and its availability over internet
  • No notification to concern team in case device goes down or stops functioning
  • Difficult to fetch which customer is logged in and from what location

Our Solutions

  • User can schedule the email and its content
  • User shall have ability to generate business critical reports
  • GIS View to locate device
  • Customers can manage their alert devices
  • User can review the cost comparison with the energy consumption
  • Calendar view where user can easily get  the consumption chart
  • SmartFi is the platform where user have the access of devices located, it’s functioning and energy consumption data along with cost.
  • Device wise analytics to view all the devices with the selected energy parameters with the status of the device


Business has a significant impact that the users can easily review their device day to day consumption with its cost. User can manage their profiles, schedule their emails with the proper content, generate the reports using various key energy parameters and devices. User can even export reports into PDF, Excel, and can also view the reports with informative charts. Overall using this platform user can have a detailed view on devices they owns.

Web Screenshots

The Technology Stack

UI/UX Frontend

Javascript with Reactjs

AntD for UI

Highcharts for displaying charts

Google Console API

Node JS

AWS services


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