UI/UX trends in 2019

UI-UX Development

As we know 2018 has been finished, Now finally we can look through which UI/UX design in trending and what makes different from them and what are the upcoming design in 2019. So, before jumping to most trending UI/UX design. Let’s focus on the definition of UI/UX as it creates a lot of confusion amongst people. So what is User experience (UX) in a simple way we can say that “how a person feels when interfacing the product”.UX design is a process to enhance the user experience of any product or website. UX design is important because it tries to fulfill user needs. And so what about User Interface (UI) it defines “The UI design refers to the overall feel of design where users interact with the product ”.

Let’s review some popular trends in user interface design for websites and mobile application.

Web UI trends

Let’s focus on a web UI design at first.

1. Seamless interface

The thing is all the content the content is placed on one page and it’s loaded without any transitions when a visitor clicks on it.

2. Typography : Big fonts

If you use this trend for a website – it will look eye-catching even without any content at all. That’s because the typography can replace the content and it’ll look great.

3. Full-Screen Background Images

It is one of the trends can be found on websites is the usage of full-screen background images, This approach makes the screen visually and emotionally appealing.

4. Custom Digital Illustration

The trend of custom illustration is the rising quality of illustrations. The custom illustrations allow websites to get a unique style which provide a better experience to the user.

5. Video on websites

This type of content becomes more important than photos or text.The videos on websites make a large impact on the user. Videos play major role to create a website more attractive.

Mobile UI design trends

Time to consider UI trends in mobile app design for 2019

1. Interaction

The mobile app design should interact with user and respond to their actions.In other words,each element to the user must interact with has to give positive feedback.

2. Buttonless UI

Buttons are still important element of UI design, as we have seen this year more creative experiments on mobile user experience without buttons.What makes more special about buttonless UI is that it saves the space on screen for more information.

3. Interface animation

As animation is a crucial part of interaction experience.Animation plays vital role to provide user attraction.

As we summarize most popular UI trends now focus on some of UX trends.

Here are some list of UX design which is a trend during 2019

1. Voice-activated user interfaces

The voice-activated interface makes the user experience less stressful by removing the ‘type-factor’.The voice-based interactions creating a lot of buzzes everwhere like Siri, google assistant, Alexa, google home mini, Bixby etc.

2. Biometric Identification process

The Biometric identification process eliminates the login requirement and interfaces that accept fingerprints, facial recognition, iris scan etc. This would be the next phase that UX would progress to.

3. Augmented Reality(AI)

AI has guided in a new direction of UI design and a new way of thinking.AR provides a new way to see reality which includes physical interaction.

4. Full screen experience

Bezel less becomes a trend, and the popularity of iPhone X proves this.As user gets exposed more screen space, they love to enjoy full-screen experience it means the quality of image plays major role to providing full screen experience.The image must be a HD quality with no pixilation.

5. Minimal design

The minimal design feature plays important role in UX design as trend suggests that design are now going to be inspired by predicting the user actions.


The UX design is one of the emerging technologies will dominate the user experience space in 2019.Now we comfortably can say that without UI/UX design the user cannot experience the true reality of design.