Reasons Why Mobile App Startups Choose Flutter For Mobile App Development

Mobile App Startups

There are close to 2 million apps available for Apple mobile users and close to 3 million apps on the Play Store for android users. This clearly depicts how gigantic has the mobile app industry become, and why start-ups in this realm are such enthusiastic. The prime reason behind this is that the modern-day service providers or business groups want to serve their customers anywhere and everywhere, through mobiles.

However, it is true at the same time that the potential customers for these platforms are more diverse than ever. First of all, no geographical barrier is there for the businesses these days, hence for the customers. These customers prefer different OS, browsers, etc., on their devices, and business groups don’t want their customers to compromise anyway. This is where the start-up app development company are seeing an opportunity to excel, as of top development companies. And, Flutter has played a significant role in this regard.

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All in One Platform Making App Development Convenient

Flutter is that all-in-one suite for app development companies, which brings the entire of Google’s finest technicalities in one place. It thus delivers the perfect combination of technologies meant for developing an incredible mobile framework. As an all-in-one suite, it has made things easy, especially for start-up app development companies; they don’t need to worry about whether to go with cross-platform apps or built-in options. Moreover, this all-inclusive suite enables users in addressing multiple mobile app platforms passing through the same development phase.

Low-cost App Development Process

Flutter provides the most significant advantage of making the app development process budget-friendly. Specifically, it matters the most for the start-ups, considering the extensiveness of a modern-day mobile app development demands a huge budget. The prime reason that makes the budget high is that the developers have to write different codes for different OS. And, Flutter addresses this issue brilliantly, offering common code for app development that can work perfectly with different platforms.

It lowers the expenses of maintenance of the apps. This hugely demanded SDK can make apps for both Apple and android through the common codebase. Being based on DART and upon following SKIA graphic library does make the Flutter useful for both android and Apple platforms. It means a mobile app developing start-up doesn’t need to hire different coders to code for different platforms.

User-Friendly and Increase Productivity

Any business organization would love something that gives it a profit. And, Flutter does this to mobile app development companies. It does this by cutting down the development time significantly. Here the developers have to simply work through one code base for all platforms. As it doesn’t demand distinct editions of a common application, both time and work get reduced. With such advantages, productivity is quite obvious to grow. The best part, Flutter, is incredibly user-friendly in nature, which is a big advantage for start-ups as they don’t need to worry about training aspects.

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Comes with Firebase: Best Solution for the start-ups

A key benefit that Flutter offers mainly for start-ups is through a smooth back-end. Here a start-up (or any mobile app development company) doesn’t need to expend time and money for strategizing back-end functionalities. In the case of Flutter, Firebase is combined through an automation tool that is adequate for the team of coders to smoothly conduct development works.

Needless is to say that Firebase is wholesome that mobile app developing start-ups need. It provides greater access to data analytic, cloud, database, hosting, error handling, and push notification. Moreover, it provides a set-up without a server that is thoroughly scalable. Earlier, a developer had to have or develop their own tool for different purposes. However, Firebase brings the entire set of requisite tools that optimizes the development process.

Do you have an idea for App to publishing on play store or app stores? Get in touch

Do you have an idea for App to publishing on play store or app stores? Get in touch

It Enables Start-Ups to Explore Higher Dimensions of Services

With Flutter, a mobile app development start-up can now feel confident of serving at higher levels like Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, etc. Undoubtedly, this makes start-up mobile app development companies feel no less than the top-ranked ones in terms of quality and productivity. Additionally, it provides an incredible design experience along thoroughly personalized widgets.


All in all, Flutter provides every reason to be a favourite for mobile app developing companies. Especially, the smartphone app developing start-up houses can be very optimistic about their endeavour through this. Be it about enhancing productivity, lowering the development and maintenance cost; it provides all the major benefits that a smartphone app developing start-up thrives for.

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