Offshore Wind Power Company Optimise Complex Project And Asset Tracking With Mobile App

In an industry-first move, a prominent offshore wind power company based in the Netherlands has joined forces with Mobio Solutions to create a bespoke mobile application to revolutionize project and asset tracking and ensure workforce safety.


The intuitive app offers an innovative platform that brings together essential information, tools, and functionalities to optimize asset management and project progression while strengthening workers’ safety measures, especially in challenging conditions.

Project and Asset Tracking: The application is equipped with a cutting-edge real-time location tracking system that enables the seamless monitoring of assets and staff location, minimizing accidents while enhancing the efficient use of resources. Furthermore, its robust hazard reporting feature allows swift communication of potential risks, reinforcing a safe working environment.

Comprehensive Training Library: An extensive library provides a wealth of materials on various safety and operational subjects, empowering employees with vital knowledge crucial for efficient asset management and project tracking.

Productivity Enhancement Tools: The application includes features for task management and seamless communication, fostering organized workflow and effective collaboration. The task management functionality assists in effectively monitoring the progression of tasks, ensuring project deadlines are adhered to. The communication tool enables swift issue resolution by facilitating direct communication between staff and management.

As a result of deploying this app, the offshore wind power company reported a remarkable 30% decrease in workplace accidents and a 25%

increase in productivity. This achievement has led to successful on-time and within-budget project completions, leading to heightened job satisfaction among employees.

Check out the testimonial from our client, Tim Naber, discussing this fruitful collaboration on this YouTube video.

Mobio Solutions Director Hardik Shah commented. “We are honored to have collaborated with such a forward-thinking company to enhance safety and productivity in the offshore wind power industry. The impressive results achieved through this partnership affirm our commitment to leveraging technology to create safer, more efficient work environments.”

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Mobio Solutions is a leading technology solutions provider specializing in mobile application development. Their commitment to innovation and tailored solutions has significantly contributed to safer and more productive work environments across various industries.