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How Offshore Wind Power Company Transformed Employee Safety and Productivity with Mobile App

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A Netherland-based Offshore Wind power company utilized customised web and mobile application solutions backed by cutting-edge technologies for safe offshore high-voltage operations. The objective was to improve work safety, communication between the offshore team, and productivity during the outfitting of high-voltage assets, connections & terminations, cable repairs, and testing. The company wanted to implement a Safety & Productivity App to keep employees connected and safe, provided cable and accessories training, and offered consultancy, advice, and inspection services to clients.

The Challenges

The Solution

Renewable Energy Offshore Solutions utilizes Safety App to keep employees connected and safe. The Safety App is a mobile app that employees can use to report incidents, conduct safety checks, and receive real-time updates on safety protocols. The company also provides cable and accessories training to employees to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills to complete tasks efficiently and safely. Additionally, Renewable Energy Offshore Solutions offers consultancy, advice, and inspection services to clients to ensure projects are completed on time, within budget, and according to industry standards. With these Mobile and Web App solutions, Renewable Energy Offshore Solutions has been able to improve safety, communication, and productivity while meeting the needs of its clients.

Safety App for employee connectivity and safety

Cable and accessories training for employees

Improved communication, and productivity

Consultancy, advice, and inspection services for clients

Business Impact

Client’s Quote

Implementing the mobile app developed by Mobio Solutions has completely transformed our approach to employee safety and productivity.

Technology Stack

Technology Stack

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