Importance of efficient Complain Management for small businesses

Complaint Management For Small Business

1.Importance of Complaint Management

  • A satisfied customer may share their good experience with three friends, whereas an angry customer has the potential to tell 3,000 friends in social networks and communities.
  • Every complaint lodged by the customer has its own importance for the customer as well as the seller, so that the seller needs to manage the complaint which is lodged by the customer.
  • Complaint Management System is a platform which is double implied between customer and seller. It helps the seller to keep track of all the complaints lodged by the customer in respect of the product which in turn helps to hit the bullseye which is “customer satisfaction”.

2.How Complaint Management can be done?

  • To overcome these common customer complaint challenges and turn a potential source of conflict into a competitive advantage, customer service organizations should look to implement a complaint management system with a few core components in mind.
  • Workflow automation:Configurable workflows and customizable business rules allow you to create easy-to-follow, consistent processes while enforcing compliance to standard procedures.
  • Integrated software system: A single interface covering the entire complaint management life cycle from submission and escalation to resolution and analysis.
  • The customer lodges a complaint with an android or iOS device of whatever he might be facing while this complaint can be managed by the seller who then sees the complaint and then assigns an engineer to attend that complaint.
  • The current status of the complaint can be updated to the customer which can keep awareness between the customer and the seller.

3.How can software be beneficial to the organization?

  • The software increases the productivity, the customers:- due to good management of services and complaints, grows the business for an organization in any of the field.
  • This system tracks the complaints of the customer as well as keeps a record of the complaints lodged by the customer.
  • The system also checks the status of the complaint and keeps it in regular update.
  • It will be possible to assign an engineer according to the complaint which will be more beneficial to the seller as well as the customer.
  • The system would also keep a track of expenses done by the employees.

4.How Mobio solutions helps to small business to achieve business success and increase customer satisfaction with complain management system?

  • If a seller sells a product then it is the duty of the seller to see that all the complaints or services of that product lodged by the customer are properly addressed. And in today’s digital world there is no better way than to provide one-click online platform to customer to do it by just sitting at home. Complain Management does the exact.
  • CMS takes care of both customer and seller, it makes sure that customer is able to lodge complain/service and get updated about the progress of the complaint. Whereas on the side of the table, seller is able to get the data on one screen and keep track which complain is addressed and which isn’t. CMS will give seller command over the business in race with other competitors.
  • Mobio solutions provides the most feasible solution for small business by which they can grow up their business through which they will get more customer satisfaction and due to the proper customer satisfaction there will be an efficient increase in their sales, hence Mobio Solutions sees to the satisfaction of the customer as well as the seller.