Benefits to Choose Node.JS for Real-Time Application Development

In the ever-growing digital era and competitive market, developing web applications has become essential for every business. While there are a number of technologies available for web app development, choosing the best one can be challenging. Among all the available options, Node.JS has evolved as a top choice among the businesses for high quality web application development.

Node.JS is a cross-platform and open-source platform that helps in building scalable, fast, and secured web applications. It enables dynamic web app development and ensures less time-to-market. So, if you are planning to use Node.JS development services for developing your real-time business web application, here are some of the top benefits that you can get.

1. Smart Code Sharing

Node.JS offers excellent code maintainability. It enables you to share the codes through divulging. Node.JS has a storehouse of about 50,000 bundles, thereby reducing your code requirement. With this platform, the web developers can easily refresh, reuse, as well as share the codes for from end development without much hassle. Moreover, the smart sharing option ensures that the data changes in the server are directly bound to the web page of the client.

2. Uses Single Language

Another significant benefit of choosing Node.JS is that it uses only one language, JavaScript for both back end as well as front end. This helps in reducing the time of the development cycle and makes it easier. It enables you to easily maintain web apps even with fewer resources.

Is node.js the right choice for your web app? Check how Mobio Solutions can help?

Is node.js the right choice for your web app? Check how Mobio Solutions can help?

3. Faster Development

With the use of Node.JS, you can easily build robust and fast web applications that have the potential to handle various parallel connections effectively. Being highly compatible with the modern JAVA frameworks, Node.JS enhances the speed of development of real-time web applications.

4. Cost-effective

A major concern of the businesses is that they would require a large investment for web app development. Especially when it is a start-up or small business, the cost concern is more. However, by choosing to develop your web applications with Node.JS, you can reduce the cost significantly. It enables the developers to create web applications with rich features, high scalability, and enhanced performance at affordable costs.

5. SEO friendliness

In order to thrive in the highly competitive digital market of today, every business adopts the SEO technique to rank high on the search engines. The SEO-friendly feature of Node.JS makes it a top choice for businesses for developing real-time web applications. Through back end rendering, Node.JS helps in improving the SEO of the real-time web application. Moreover, the easy to use as well as simple design makes Node.JS SEO-friendly. By building your web applications with Node.JS, you can easily attract more audience, increase engagement, and enhance the visibility of your web application.

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6. Code Reusability

The reusability of codes is yet another benefit of using Node.JS for real-time web development. Whenever your expert developers are stuck somewhere in between the real-time web app development, they can easily avail the help of the NPM manager. It allows the developers to make use of all the available components in the community, thereby accelerating the app development process.

7. Low Learning Curve

The best thing about Node.JS is that its use does not require you to have a high degree of knowledge of the programming languages. Developers with JavaScript knowledge can conveniently learn as well as build web applications with the use of Node.JS. Owing to the simplicity of use, Node.JS has emerged as a popular choice among web developers today.

8. Data Streaming Feature

Node.JS comes with data streaming capabilities. This means that it allows the breaking of huge data amounts into small manageable chunks. As small data chunks will consume less amount of memory space, it helps in preventing the slowing down of the mobile device. It also helps in reducing the overall duration of the entire development process. Especially when developing real-time web applications such as chat apps, chatbots, as well as games, using Node.JS proves to be beneficial.

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9. Module-based Functionality

Another major benefit of building a real-time web application with Node.JS is that it operates on the module-based functionality. This allows the expert web developers to avail maximum advantage with the need for very less coding efforts. It enables the developers to work on the different individual modules, thereby reducing the complexity of web application development.

10. I/O Bound Tasks

As the streams of Node.JS are UNIX based, it allows easy tracking of all the input as well as output activities. The framework of Node.JS can easily read as well as decrypt all types of inputs and redirect them to the appropriate destination.

Turn your vision to magnificent reality with our web and mobile solution

Turn your vision to magnificent reality with our web and mobile solution

11. Proxy Server

If you are developing a real-time web application that needs a number of administrative accounts, then the Node.JS is the best option for you. With the minimal codes of about 20 lines, your web application can easily stream data from the different resources.

12. Long Term Support

As technology keeps evolving, it is quite challenging for the developers to build as well as maintain web applications with the use of outdated languages. To avoid such situations, developers are always on the lookout for technologies and programming languages that offer continuous support. Node.JS is one of the best frameworks that will provide you with long term support and help in effective maintenance of your real-time web applications.

Winding Up

Node.JS provides a long list of functions and features that make it a top choice for real-time web application development. It offers a comprehensive solution for building a user-friendly as well as a smooth web application for businesses. Moreover, as Node.JS makes use of the non-blocking as well as event-based servers, it allows you to add even more features such as user interaction, remote collaboration, and others. The platform empowers web developers to build real-time web applications with enhanced performance capabilities. The fast development capabilities offered by Node.JS further ensure faster time-to-market; thereby provide you with an edge over your competitors in the digital marketplace. With the use of Node.JS, businesses are sure to operate effortlessly and achieve greater success.

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