Why React.js developments are trends for the year 2020?

React,js Development Trends For The Year 2020

In our day-to-day life, We are using digital media for every single operation which can be done online. It can be anything banking, online ordering, bookings, etc. We depend on technologies. Among this technical race, the most important part is user experience while they are interacting with online platforms. to create a great user experience technology stack is performing the most important part. There are lots of technologies available over there. Which technology can be chosen? It’s hard to say various projects.

In web development, there are lots of technologies available over there. In terms of user experience, ReactJs has ruled the front end development and created great user experience. Basically ReactJs is a library created by Facebook and driven by its community.

There are two aspects that can be defined or two points of view.

As Developer :

  • Developers who want to decorate their resume with React skill set and already have some level of knowledge of Javascript then it’s not hard to learn ReactJS. A few hours of practice can be enough.
  • React code can be written in the Javascript along with html which is called JSX. Because of this feature of react DOM loading becomes light as it’s rendering Javascript objects(Virtual DOM).
  • As React is rendering Virtual dom, It becomes easy to manage to update old HTML. As previously or in some of the technology it’s crucial to update old HTML but, with react it won’t happen because ReactJS knows when to re-render data and ignore some unwanted dom.
  • It’s a single page application so all resources load at one time so with some caching tools user experience can be increased.
  • React has rich features and it’s providing some built-in APIs like the context API that way developers work and get easy and fun too.
  • With these rich features, React’s code became more reusable.
  • ReactJS is also working great with flux structure. The library can be used in react like redux, redux-thunk, redux-saga, etc.
  • It’s component-based, so it’s important to share common data in multiple components. React is providing a great built-in mechanism that is why the state can be managed easily(Locally and globally)
  • It also supports SSR greatly.
  • The main benefit is it has a large community that is responsible for the continuous growth of react.

As User :

  • It’s SPA so it loads sources for the first time load and pre-cache URL, so while the user is browsing the platform it won’t reload and the user can enjoy browsing on Platform.
  • It’s loading a virtual dom so the component will render faster than a regular dom.

Comparison of Javascript frameworks

Lots of frameworks out there but React has gained more popularity in less time.


React can help out to the businesses to achieve desired goals, accelerate growth and raise its conversion rate.