Top WordPress Security Tips to Keep Your Website Safe

Top WordPress Security Tips to Keep Your Website Safe

WordPress undoubtedly is the most popular CMS. Naturally, the users trust it from security perspectives as well. No matter how upgraded a platform is, but timely reviewing of security features is essential for utmost assurance. In this context, recommended below are some of the handy WordPress Development security tips to keep it perfectly safe.

Keep the Site Firewall Protected

A firewall is highly reliable for safeguarding PCs from different security threats. It obviously screens out the random things that attempt to enter the device. Not just over the PC, Firewall installation is equally crucial for the WordPress sites as well. It assures complete safety from the threats of viruses, and obviously the hacking attempts.

Keep the Level of User Access Confined to The Site

It is suggested to keep the number of access to the site minimum as possible. Only those who are essential to be allowed should be allowed; not just everyone else. If restricting users is not possible, one should restrict the permissions.

Customise Your Login URL

In general, the URL used for logging in is meant for the admin and the users. Admin accounts are logged in like, and similarly, the URL for regular user logins are like And, both these URLs are highly targeted by the hackers than anything else for entering into the database.

Obviously, upon changing the URL, the threats of such hacks get lesser. Hacking a customized URL for logging in is indeed not an easy task. There are many plugin tools available to make custom login URLs. These tools should be used by those sites involving multiple user access.

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Activate Security Scans for The Site

One can stay assured about the security of a WordPress site to a great extent upon enabling its security scan. There are explicit plugin tools available in this regard those must be used by the WordPress Web Development Company and WordPress site users. These scans go through the WordPress site and look for whether there is any doubtful, and act very much like anti-viruses in case something wrong appears. There are many plugins like Jetpack one may take help of for this. Along with explicit specs for having a backup, plugin tools of such perform day to day scans to detect if there is any threat of malware.

Get Your Site SSL Certified

Every WordPress site user must make the most of SSL strategy. SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a useful way where encryption of the admin data is possible. It (SSL) facilitates the smooth transfer of data between the browser of the user and the main server. SSL certified sites are indeed the most reliable ones from a security perspective. A site can get SSL certified upon buying the certification from a third-party service provider.

Otherwise, one may take help of the concerned hosting service provider as well. The best option would be to find a hosting plan that itself comes with such features. Anyway, getting the site SSL certified is crucial from safety perspectives. Noteworthy here is to mention that Google favours SSL certified sites from ranking perspectives.

Keep The wp-config.php Safe from Hackers

Every WordPress site owner must realize the importance of the wp-config.php file. These are the most targeted as it contains the key details about the entire site installation. The best way to keep it safe from hackers is to keep it at a stage higher of the WordPress root directory, as they (hackers) can’t find it from here.

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Use the Most Updated Version of WordPress

WordPress undoubtedly gets upgraded with every new release. It comes with fixing various bugs and addressing the loose points. Moreover, the WordPress techies work upon every little aspect related to security. In short, WordPress turns safer with each of its new editions. Obviously, those who update won’t be able to enjoy these specs. At the same time, the themes and plugins should be updated as well. Moreover, one must remove the plugins and themes that are not in use.

Maintain Proper Backup for The Site

Providing thorough backup for a site is highly essential from security perspectives. It is a responsible way of handling the site as things can be easily recovered in case something unprecedented occurs. In this context, it is recommended to have the best plugins with the best backup features. To be specific, the features like single-click restore, screening of spam, and backup archive of a minimum 30 days should be looked for. There are many paid tools available. Those looking for free options may go with options like UpdraftPlus.

Restrict Logins and Consistently Change Password

It is advised that one should not let a user try as many usernames and passwords as possible. Hacking gets easier when a site allows such multiple trials. At the same time, one must frequently change the password as well, to lower the chances of the site getting hacked. There are many plugin tools one may make use of as well for data safety.

Upon addressing these aspects, the safety of a WordPress site can be very much assured.

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