Top 5 Kotlin Features For Android App Development

Top 5 Kotlin Features For Android App Development

There is a significant demand Kotlin developer witnessed for android app development. Kotlin is enjoying the similar buzz around it that once Java was enjoying. Well, this doesn’t mean that Kotlin has ‘replaced’ Java altogether. One needs to have a strong foundation in Java programming to be proficient in Kotlin. One may claim that Kotlin is an evolved option for developers when it comes to android app development services. To elaborate, Kotlin being an ‘evolved’ edition of Java, provided below are some of the most convincing points.

Key Kotlin Advantages

  1. Kotlin comes with tools as well as frameworks with incredible Java compatibility.
  2. The extensions of Kotlin are very much integral to the Android Jetpack group, which can optimize the APIs for Android, as well as Jetpack to be used with Kotlin.
  3. With Kotlin for android app development, the scope of error is pretty nominal. Additionally, instances of application crashes or system crashes are also quite negligible.
  4. Kotlin’s smart compiler can find out the errors while compiling and can lower runtime errors through thorough checking.
  5. Kotlin is accomplishing much from a maintenance perspective upon supporting a huge range of IDEs; specifically Android Studio.

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It’s not just the mentioned above advantages; below five features of Kotlin also make it a favorite among android developers.

Five Key Features of Kotlin Making It Significant for Android Development

1. Library Functions

Developers can explore library functions with Kotlin, which is extremely valuable for developers dealing with android app development for smartphones. It turns things simpler when it comes to implementing top-level functions along with idiomatic patterns. Extensions functions of it offer operation of queries regarding sequences. JDK classes of Kotlin turn things much smoother to work along with files and IOs.

Do you have an idea for App to publishing on play store or app stores? Get in touch

Do you have an idea for App to publishing on play store or app stores? Get in touch

2. Null Safety

It’s quite sure for any Java Developer to have bitter experience with NPE. Moreover, considering that Java provides no detail regarding the object that has been developed by the developer, with zero null value, it gets tough for the developer to maintain it null safe through the course of compilation.

However, no need to worry about this matter with Kotlin as it has the feature of null-safety at the initiation point. The compiler of Kotlin comes with a null-safe spec that avoids NPE issues during run time.

3. Streams

Processing the object collection indeed is very much a part of Java application development. This is primarily because the translation of objects is done to different kinds of representations through the course that generates different issues. For example, there remain chances of making ‘infinite’ streams accidentally. The program can get slowed down through parallel streams as well.

However, the coding language of Kotlin comes with extensive functional API in order to get back to absolute by default collections as the collections have the functionality already.

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4. Named Parameters

One can claim that Named Parameters are indeed among the prime differences between the programming language of Java and that of Kotlin. There is a scope with Kotlin for pointing default arguments within the function definition, be it with a name or through option. However, Java has no support regarding constructors; it facilitates things by simply offering one builder class that comes with a setter for various parameters of constructors.

5. String Interpolation

String interpolation can be done in Kotlin using string literals with placeholders calculated for obtaining an outcome where the placeholders are interchanged for associated values. Dealing with strings in the case of Java is quite tough and involves the usage of StringBuffer, plus operators, as well as String.format. String interpolation that looks simpler in Kotlin appears extremely challenging with Java for developers.


All in all, Kotlin is a much simpler yet superior edition of Java that makes it a favorite for Java developers. This is the reason that Kotlin is taking place for Java for Android developers. Moreover, being quite equivalent to that of Java, learning Kotlin doesn’t seem a tough task.

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