Top 10 Python Frameworks for Web Development

Web development has been essential for every business that wants to establish a strong online presence and reach out to more customers. To build a website, frameworks are a must. It is important to choose a web development framework that can perfectly fit the size as well as complexities of a business. Among all the available frameworks, Python is one of the most preferred options for developing websites.

Simplicity in use, versatility, and time saving are the main features that increase the demand of the Python framework for web development. However, as numerous Python frameworks are available, choosing the best one can be challenging. Here are some of the top Python web development frameworks to use for web development.

Turn your vision to magnificent reality with our web and mobile solution

Turn your vision to magnificent reality with our web and mobile solution

1. Flask

Flask is one of the prominent Python frameworks that help in the robust web app development. This framework has been a popular choice for big companies. However, it is also a perfect option for small projects. The built-in debugger, as well as server, extensibility, rapid deployment, and RESTful request dispatching, are some of the main features that make Flask stand out.

2. Django

Django is a high level and open-source Python framework that is ideal for the development of simple as well as complex web applications. The versatility, scalability, agility, and scalability make it a popular choice for web development. Django offers authentication support, improved support for the different web servers, and URL routing. The unmatchable efficiency, less coding requirements, and extensive community support makes Django a star among the various Python frameworks.

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3. CherryPy

CherryPy is an object-oriented and open-source Python framework that enables the development of web applications through a minimalistic approach. With CherryPy, you would require short development time and can fasten up the time to market. It comes with a powerful configuration system and a flexible plugin system for enhanced web development. You can easily run CherryPy on the multiple HTTP servers as well as on Android.

Looking for expert python development services? Hire now

Looking for expert python development services? Hire now

4. Pyramid

Pyramid is one of the favourite Python frameworks for web developers. The fully-stacked framework is a perfect choice for the development of simple and complex web applications. The main aim of this framework is to facilitate web development without much complexity. The framework also offers numerous resources to extend its capability as per your requirement. Function decorator, URL generator, and flexibility are some of the key features of the Pyramid.

5. Web2Py

Web2Py is an open-source and scalable framework that helps in the development of highly efficient web applications. It easily supports various operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux, and more. The framework enables the developers to build, edit, manage as well as deploy web applications much easily through different web browsers. The enhanced backward compatibility, security, and role-based access control are other features that are increasing its demand.

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6. TurboGears

TurboGears is an optimum data drive Python framework that facilitates faster web application development. It offers built-in support for effective database sharing. The framework ensures the flawless launch of web applications. The availability of Command Line Tool, FormEncode support, and MVC architectural pattern make TurboGears a preferred option for web development. It also leverages components like Repoze, WebOb, Genshi, and SQLAlchemy to stand apart from other Python frameworks.

7. Falcon

Falcon is a micro-framework that enables the smooth development of web applications. The framework enables the developers to build web applications with a clean design to modify as well as improve the existing REST and HTTP architectural styles. Through the use of mocks as well as WSGI helpers, it increases the possibility of unit testing. Moreover, Falcon also helps in providing efficient and accurate responses to the different HTTP errors. With the ability to maximize code coverage, it becomes an ideal option for the medium-sized and large applications.

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8. Bottle

Bottle is one of the most widely used small-scale Python frameworks used for web development. Without the need of any dependencies, it works well on a single source document. It is mainly suitable for developing web apps that are meant for personal use. It allows the developers to work closely with the hardware. With agile built-in templates, dynamic URL routes, and easy access to files and data, developing web applications becomes quite easy.

9. Tornado

Tornado is an all-round solution for the development of complex and bigger structures in much less time. It comes with everything essential for website building, which includes HTML templates, URL handling, database support, and more. With superior quality and real-time services, it ensures exceptional outcomes.

Is your budget realistic for your project? Get a project estimate

Is your budget realistic for your project? Get a project estimate

10. Sanic

Sanic is an asynchronous Python framework that has the agility for effectively handling several operations. The framework ensures the great performance of web applications. With ample plugin support, developers find it convenient to build web applications with much ease. Moreover, it also comes with faster speed and hassle-free capabilities.

Winding Up

Now that you know the top Python frameworks available for web development, choosing the right one can be easy. Based on your unique requirement, you can select the best framework and develop high performing web applications.

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