Ten Ways Intelligent Solar Energy Monitoring System Can Improve Your Business

solar energy monitoring system

Using solar power to fulfill the energy requirement of your building is great as it can generate some extra revenue when you sell the power again to the utility. Businesses are implementing solar panels due to this reason only. It is predicted that solar panel usage will increase a lot in the upcoming years.

Among many decisions you make regarding solar panels, you also have to find a way to approach monitoring. Installing a solar power system is not everything. You need to determine whether it is working well or not. One of the best ways to determine that is through using an intelligent monitoring system.

Many installers usually put monitoring software and connect the software to inverters of the system. Due to the utilization of the internet of things or IoT, one can access the data even from mobile apps. Monitoring the systems is imperative as it contributes to their effectiveness and cost. In this blog, you get to know about the intelligent solar energy monitoring system, how they function, and how they can help your business.

Why the Intelligent Solar Energy Monitoring System Is Important and How it Works?

Most of the installation comes with the solar energy monitoring device as it is essential to remain informed about the system’s generation and how it is running. Whether you use energy for your building or sell additional energy for a certain amount to the utilities, you should know if anything ever goes wrong so that you can resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Through this, you can derive optimum advantages from the investment.

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A solar roof or field includes numerous solar panels, and all these independently generate some electricity amount. All the panels are connected through a wire, and the solar inverters turn DC or direct current energy into AC or alternating current energy to be utilized as power for the building. For monitoring several aspects of the process, most of the systems leverage a wired sensor network.

Your solar energy monitoring device’s success depends on the reliability of the communication network. This means the way gateways can transmit all the information to the system’s cloud. If your network fails, then your devices cannot transmit the data, which could cause missing some important data, symbolizing performance problems, or misinterpretation of other data.

Almost all energy monitoring systems compromise the wired components or sensors. This may be effective, but the maintenance and cost expenses limit the sensors’ numbers. But with wireless IoT systems, the subsequent maintenance and wiring costs get reduced, allowing for great data collection, subsequent learning, and monitoring capabilities. All these show that solar energy monitoring systems with IoT support are always great.

Planning to develop an App?

Planning to develop an App?

Several systems depend on Wi-Fi or cellular networks to communicate. Cellular coverage is one of the popular choices of everyone, but it can be quite expensive for many. Wi-Fi also possesses many challenges as it allows third-party devices on the network and can raise security concerns. The solar energy systems come with subscription components for the monitoring service and cellular connection.

With the help of solar monitoring platforms, you can know about the sun’s radiance, wind speed, cell temperature, and general temperature. You can also measure different elements surrounding the performance of the system. This includes inverter performance, sting voltage, modeled vs. actual energy production, battery voltage or health, and system output.

In short, monitoring your solar panels can enable you to view different system elements that may not be properly working so that you can fix them. After monitoring data for several years, you can begin to view trends regarding efficiency and output. You can also use the information to optimize the system’s overall performance along with its schedule of maintenance.

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What Can Your Business Get from an Intelligent Solar Energy Monitoring System?

1 Increased System Operations Awareness

With the solar panel monitoring app, you can check the way solar power in your system is produced. Most monitoring systems enable you to know how well each inverter or panel is performing. Through this, you can determine when there is a need for maintenance, and solar productivity will increase. The monitoring systems rapidly update all data about the system’s performance in real-time.

2. Email Alerts Can Make You Informed

Monitoring systems can utilize email alerts to allow you to know when solar systems have problems. This also enables you to call for maintenance before the issue arises. With proper attention and preventive maintenance, your business can get benefitted. Having alerts helps to run the system smoothly.

3. Accessibility Through Mobile

Several monitoring systems have companion applications that allow access to all details through mobile devices. Through reports and data present on mobile devices, you can check on the performance system.


There is much more you can get in intelligent solar energy monitoring systems. From getting all data about solar panels and effectiveness to maintenance for improving performance, monitoring systems can help in everything. By getting such information, you can make necessary changes to increase productivity to get the maximum benefit out of it.

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