Lead Management

We have Lead Trackly software, A way to quickly,
easily and effectively manage a sales pipeline

Improved access of Customer Data

Increase Operational Efficiency

Enhance Sales Experience

Highly scalable to suit your business need

Key Features

Lead Entry & Assignment

Lead Bifurcation

Lead Report and Tracking

Avoid Lead Leakage

360° Customer View

Capture Customer Response

Calculate Turnaround Time to Win

Mobile Application

LeadTrackly - Lead Management System

Fed up of losing potential client leads? Are you looking for the best lead management software? Congratulations, you are at the right place.

LeadTrackly mobile application is an easy-to-use lead management solution which helps in capturing, tracking and managing potential client leads with just a few clicks. LeadTrackly helps you in effortlessly managing all record of leads, making sure that you never miss any lead and get the deals from all clients – ultimately boosting your sales and business. So get ready to never miss a single lead and follow-up in much lesser time and in a much more categorized format. It is a lot simpler than you may expect!

Smartly manage Lead Activities

Your sales team is mostly on the field and busy closing deals for your business. This is exactly why you need lead management on Mobile. With the help of this amazing mobile application, your sales reps can now keep a track of their activities on the mobile app itself. Never miss out on your potential prospects.

Staff Mobility

LeadTrackly Mobile solution enables your employee to create and track each business opportunity they are dealing with being on the field. It’s easy and intuitive for your staff.

Organize the Sales Process

Be it small teams or a corporate, LeadTrackly is the lead management software that brings much-needed sanity to sales pipeline management. Use our filters to sort leads by users, products, sources, zones, contacts or any combination of the above for faster and efficient lead management.

Maximized Security

Your customer information and business data is something that you can never afford to lose. Choosing to go the organized way will only add on to your business security.

Analyzing And Reporting

Having a cloud-based lead management mobile app and software can cut your reporting hassles by half. A Lead management software helps you analyze and track your entire business effortlessly.

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