Complaint Management

Automate customer complaint management and improve
brand loyalty with higher customer satisfaction.

Gain Loyalty and Increase Retention

Streamline Operations and Reduce Costs by Improving Response and Closure times

Suitable for any Industry. Ready to Plug-in to existing CRM System.

Easy to White Label for the Business

Key Features

The Complaint Management software efficiently processes complaints across operations,
reporting assessment, detail analysis, and corrective action.

Smart Dashboard

Intelligent Reporting

Custom Workflow

Complaint Tracking

Integration with Existing System

Email & SMS Integration

Customized Brandable

Mobile App

Complaint Management System

Mobio’s customer Complaint Management Software allows you to effectively track and manage complaints from your most valuable customers. It lets you gather all your customer complaints at one common system where you can categorize, assign, track and resolve all these complaints with ease, without getting into difficulty with a cluttered message from various channels. Your customer can log a complaint with a mobile application which is available for iOS and Android platforms and be updated till it gets resolved. You can also collect feedback which always helps you to improvise your product and services.

Customer Expressions emphasizes that businesses that have complaint management systems show their commitment to providing high-quality services and products to customers.

Organized Complaint Management

Organize Complaint management process with logging the complaint with a ticket number, easy escalation of complaint to skilled forced according to the severity and nature of the complaint and track the solution. It enhances the efficiency of the complaint handling process and increases customer satisfaction.

Customer Mobile Application

An iOS and Android Customer Mobile App enables your valuable customer to log a complaint with problem details and can attach a photograph at a fingertip. Using the app, customers can easily get updated about complaint progress with mobile push notifications, SMS and email.

Intuitive Dashboard

A nicely designed Dashboard gives the most logical view of how is your product performing. The support team can view their open, pending, In progress and resolved tickets, view replies and ticket inflow all on one screen. With the help of the centralized system, you can create roles for your staff, decide what permissions each staff will have and also enable/disable staff with ease. With most thoughtful management dashboard view gives in-depth clarity on how your staff is performing and satisfaction of your customers.

Reports & Analytics

To help understand complaint trends and the number of complaints coming in, the system offers Complaint Reports and various analytics overview of your product performance via complaints, track areas that require work, understand performance and efficiency of staff and take required steps internally to enhance your product quality and operations.

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