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Deliver high-quality support with Voice Bot

The Voice Bot helps the user guide through the suggestion chips and its query and serves the user with the solution without involving any human to respond to queries with user experience. The bot uses voice as a medium to communicate to the user. The bot uses Google Assistant as a medium to communicate with the user. This minimizes user efforts to a great extent. User has not to wait to resolve their issues. The interaction follows step by step guide to resolve the user’s issue regarding any problems listed. The bot also behaves as a chatbot to serve users with typed queries with the keyboard. Suggestion chips are for the user who doesn’t remember the exact query and are suggested with different present queries.

Design Key Features

  • To solve user queries with suggestion chips.
  • To interact with user in a human manner.
  • To provide alternative suggestions.
  • Step by step solution and visual solutions.

Make Voice Bots the first point of contact for your business


The major challenge is faced when user waits for a small issue for hours and is still not served with the solution, The challenge is to serve the user as fast as possible with accurate output. The user follows a long conversation on call or visits the place to interact and solve the problem which is minor. It increases overheads for the problem solver as well to sit and listen to the problems and solve sequentially. An extra resource is needed to handle all the user queries and solve it in minimal time. This creates a larger amount of time and loss of user engagement and problem isn’t solved quickly and effectively.

Voice bot challenges

Our Solutions

The suggestion chips and grouping questions under a single group played a vital role in handling such challenges. The suggestion chips provide the query parameter to search for a particular query if the user is looking for it. The solution maps the slots to the intents so whenever user speaks a keyword matching to the slot catches the intent and responds with the stated response of that intent. The user has to follow the interaction and with it the user will get a voice as well as a text response with their resolved answer.

Voice bot solutions


The major outcome is when it’s not necessary to place a human to respond to the queries we just need to update the data and our bot responses with the desired query response. Another outcome is user engagement where the user will visit the bot for issues and bot can also record feedbacks to make it more convenient to respond with an updated answer. The major impact is it’s on a mobile device when the user can anytime interact with it frequently and easily as there is no external hardware required to access this application as Google Assistant comes inbuilt.

Voice bot outcome

App Screenshots

Here are the screenshots of Voice Bot developed by our highly experience Python developers!

Voice bot app screenshot
Voice bot app screenshot
Voice bot app screenshot
Voice bot app screenshot
Voice bot app screenshot

Technology Stack

Dialogflow is a natural language understanding platform that makes it easy to design and integrate a conversational user interface into your mobile app, web app, device, bot, and interactive voice response system and so on.



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