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Increase Blog Traffic With Multilingual Blog

It is a multilingual blogging website related to different organizations of the people behind the innovation and change in education as well as research industry. It is a online print magazine. The blog is very useful for the people who belongs to the different universities and those who are behind the innovation and changes.

Key Features of Project

  • Multiple language support for blogs along with their translations.
  • Taxonomy & Category wise blogs.
  • Editors pick for backend user to show any trending article on top as per the requirement.
  • It’s a platform which connects the world virtually and online.
  • The readers can read the blogs from different universities for getting the updates of innovation and change.

A Multilingual blog website that helps to reach larger audience


The major challenge was that client had a magazine that includes multiple articles related to the people from the different organizations for their innovations and changes in the education and research industry. There was a hard copy to showcase the innovations and changes which got on paper. The client was not able to reach a large number of target audiences with the hard copy. The client also wanted to send all the new updates and connect with the world on a single platform.

Our Solutions

The Online Blog website played a vital role in resolving the queries and handling the challenges of connecting people worldwide through a single platform. Also, it will keep them updated to latest changes and innovations in terms of education and research and in this way they can reach to a large number of audience worldwide.


The significant outcome is that the client has a multilingual blog website to reach many people worldwide without any hindrance. Clients will also help their readers to connect with the latest innovations and changes in education and research using the single platform. The main advantage is the client does not need to print out a hard copy of the magazine to send their readers for the latest updates.

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