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Covid-19 made it mandatory for every grocery shop owner to take their business online and adapt technology at max. The online grocery shopping web and mobile application are developed for one of the well-known grocery businesses in India. Online grocery app development that offers amazing features that make their overall business an eCommerce business. It enhances the online home grocery ordering experience for customers with a grocery app from a web & mobile platform. This Flutter based grocery app is a fully functional mobile app supported by a web version that has all features of online grocery purchases for customers. This app includes a customer-facing eCommerce website, eCommerce mobile app with an administration dashboard (CMS).

Design Key Features

  • Manage Product Categories
  • Add to cart and Checkout order
  • Order History
  • Offers, Deals, Coupons, Tax
  • Payment (COD, Stripe, PayPal etc.)
  • Product Rating & Search
  • Push Notification & Dark Mode support
  • Secure Account Verification via email
  • Order Cancel and refund
  • Manage user profile & address

Discover over a million groceries with a single click


  • The Pricing and space Issue: Grocery stores that are of “Premium” class can face many pricing, discount, and space challenges.
  • Labour Cost: Controlling operational costs is certainly one of the biggest challenges that any retailer faces. Since grocery stores typically run on extremely low profit margins, the need for a lean and efficient operation is critical.
  • Inefficient Process: These cause a lot of time wastages, equipment wear, and strain on the people who do the work.  Most often, inefficiency distress grocery stores that operate on a manual basis, but even automated companies suffer.
  • Knowing the inventory: The grocery store manager must understand the inventory inside and out.  In addition to knowing what the product is, the manager also has to know how often it ships from the producer, how big the packages are, the most cost-effective quantity to order, etc.
  • Customer Demand: Most grocery store managers prefer to manage products for customers according to their needs and expectations.

Our Solutions

  • POS Checkout: System that records sales and financial information, and that collects detailed customer and product related data.
  • Self Checkout: Self-service POS station where customers ring up and pay for their purchases.
  • Cash Management: System that controls the cash handling processes from POS to the back office, and to the bank.
  • Scale Management: System that links different weigh scales and labelers throughout the perishable departments in the store.
  • Order Entry/Inventory Management: Grocery app that supports the process of inventory replenishment; an approach that combines perpetual inventory and reorder point calculations.
  • Item Price Verification: Wireless handheld devices that are connected to POS and used to audit prices on the shelf.
  • Shelf Space Management: System that helps manage the amount of shelf space allocated to each category, and to each product within the category.
  • Loss Prevention: Auditing tool that analyzes data to identify irregular and fraudulent activities, in an effort to reduce lost profits.


  • Save Time: Grocery shopping app saves your time. You can shop online, choose a pick-up time, and on your way home. Groceries loaded in your car or have them delivered to your home. This is done without stepping foot in a grocery store.
  • Easy to deal: It is far less stressful than dealing with busy grocery stores at peak hours when everyone else is there.
  • Save Money: Less money is spent on gas. If you are able to have your items delivered to your front door, there is no need to even go to the grocery store, saving gas money.
  • Avoid Making Multiple Trips: Forget to add an item to your virtual shopping cart? No big deal. With online shopping, you can add items to your cart, even after having made the purchase, up until the day of delivery to your home. 
  • Privacy: Some people are rather shy in a crowd and find it difficult to buy certain products under the prying eyes of fellow shoppers.
  • Keeping track is easy: The Grocery app development for stores all the information, including previously bought items, and acts as a ready reckoner. It tracks from what items have been purchased to the quantity they have been purchased in.

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