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The container survey report confirms that the container is suitable for the purpose for which it is hired or leased. Reliable survey reports mainly help in reducing the liability of shippers. Container Survey System provides solutions to container maintenance tracking. Once the container came back after the long journey then container providers are maintaining the container. The container monitoring application is track the container damage surveys monitoring and collect all the data about containers like damaged parts, container type, location, mode, etc. The logistics service companies will monitoring shipping container surveys and plan to service containers with third party. Third-party will review container surveys and do the further processes on them. This system will track container surveys data and manage it.

Design Key Features

  • OCR for detect Container Number
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Multi-Branded Support
  • Offline Sync for store survey data
  • Get Survey data for Container Maintenance
  • Image Resizing of Container Damages

Container Survey Monitoring
track real-time statistics for surveys


  • Maintain container’s survey data with the images of various damage for repair and maintenance of the container.
  • Time-consuming process to collect manual container’s survey data for repair and maintenance.
  • For manufacturing companies, Work-in-process tracking is important to monitor material flow and consumption.
  • Typically, there is no information on the in-transit location of the shipment. Usually, the last transaction is made when the shipment leaves its last location. From that point onwards, there is no visibility until the shipment reaches the receiving dock of the customer.

Our Solutions

  • The collection of information regarding the establishment and operation of container repair and maintenance.
  • The prepare a high-level report of container repair and maintenance on the basis of the technical information collected in the previous stage, as well as specific area annexed by the mobile app.
  • Auto recognized and get data related to the container with the use of OCR detection.
  • Offline sync for manage and uploading survey data.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Multi-Brand support will further help the enterprise to collect data, design the app with elements and features that will be appreciated by end-users.


  • Container repair and maintenance units by mobile app.
  • The supportive infrastructures to the establishment of maintaining the container.
  • Life span will be shorter, operational, construction and repair skills will take easier to maintain the container.
  • Make the transport of goods quicker, safer, and more efficient, eliminate the risks of breakages and reduce the costs for the owner of the container.
  • Reduce the paperwork to maintain container survey data.

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The Technology Stack

React-Native for Android & iOS

RestFul APIs

RealM Local Database

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