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Field force management mobile application is to manage sales team day to day work through Mobile Application. It provides real time access to the current location of field staff and intelligent task management features to empower team. With simple mobile Interface staff can easily manages their attendance, customers' daily meetings and important target analysis, digitally. Cedar Decor management team have live view of employee attendance, daily meetings and their current location. Smart reporting feature enables management team and field staff to keep updated about daily / monthly activities and can see employee wise performance. Your on staff has a mobile application which ease their job to go paperless and maintain their work over the phone.

Key Features of Project

  • Smart Attendance by single click
  • Graphical History of Monthly Targets vs Achievements
  • Log a business meeting while with customer and review meeting history
  • Easy access of key information on iOS and Android Device
  • Seamless Communication through the Messaging & Notifications feature
  • Leverage GIS information for a bird's eye view of the team
  • Download Meeting Reports using Web System
  • Light weight and ability to customize as per business needs
  • Built using complete Open Source Framework

Digitize your Field Force with Field Tracking Mobile App Solution


  • Managing Remote Staff : The challenges of managing a remote workforce are present for both large and small field service organizations alike.
  • Communication with Customer : Phone calls are also often used for sign-offs from management or for clarification. However, this “system” can lead to many inefficiencies. For instance, just consider the amount of time it takes to decipher poor handwriting.
  • Downtime : Another commonly reported difficulty is making sure business processes happen in a timely manner.
  • Changes to Routes and Schedules : Managing field staff is a complex task with many variables. Sometimes you have great days where all your sales team are able to complete their tasks in the time allotted and stick to the schedule.
  • Performance Management : Every company needs precise and clear data to compare their performance against goals and make decisions that move the business forward.

Our Solutions

  • Work Scheduling : The most common use of field service software is to schedule meeting based on the Follow Up.
  • Fleet Tracking : With GPS fleet tracking can track the customer’s location. Based on the meeting’s location tracking admin will calculate total travelling of the particular day and also pay the travelling allowance.
  • Team Collaboration : Field service software can help bridge the communication gap between field employees and back office employees.
  • Attendance : A simple check-in and check-out enables location tracking for the people on the field. Once enabled, it shares location information at regular intervals. Team managers and teammates can locate checked-in people & optimize the field activities and communication accordingly.
  • Target vs Achievements : On field team can focus their Targets belonging to relevant and dynamic business segments. Daily & Monthly activity plans can be created to target these segments with specific products and meetings.
  • Real-time Meeting status of the entire workforce : The Meeting real-time location of every agent will be tracked and displayed in the web module, available to the managers to keep an eye on the current status of all agents in a single window.


  • Increased job completion percentages
  • Better communication between offsite and onsite employees
  • Better accountability provided to customers with real-time job status tracking
  • Increased first-time fix rate (FTFR) with mobile access to on-demand resources
  • Improved customer retention rate
  • Increase in sales
  • Build trust and reputation
  • Reduce the cost of customer acquisition
  • Retain existing customers

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