MVP Development – The Best Way to Validate your App Idea

With smartphones and the internet getting growingly affordable, the mobile app industry has certainly witnessed massive growth in modern times. This claim can be well imagined through the fact that more than 1300 applications are introduced to the Play Store each day. To be specific, the past few years have been quite exciting in terms of the significant boost in the usage of mobile applications.

In fact, mobile app usage contributes to a minimum of 57 percent overall digital media usage. However, despite such noteworthy growth in usage, it is still true that the number of applications that actually deliver business is significantly low. Many of such developers simply jump into mobile app development without having clarity on whether the application can actually deliver results.

There are many who conduct a lot of inquiry from here and there. However, the best recommendation would be to conduct proper testing of the app development strategy. This can bring clarity in figuring out whether the app development process should be financed. And, the most effective option at present for validation of an app development idea is to validate the same through MVP.

Get business technology consulting services & turn your business idea into reality- Request quote

Get business technology consulting services & turn your business idea into reality- Request quote

What Does It Mean By MVP?

MVP (Minimum Viable Product Development), in simplest terms, is meant for helping the developer in knowing about the experience of the user. Many people compare this with a prototype, but it’s quite different as in the case of the prototype, an issue gets corrected during the early stage itself of development.

But, the MVP method brings more clarity as the process figures out specifically the areas of the inconvenience of the user after the test is done. MVP strategy is basically about allowing users to develop the fundamental edition of the application, but the same for testing prior to  development of the final edition.

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It means the app has to have only the nominal functionalities and get tested with a number of users. Analysis of interaction between the application and the user is done after that. All these aspects thus help in making most of the intellects of the users and execute the needful strategies for turning the application-optimized enough.

What Makes MVP Crucial?

In a rigorously competitive scenario as of modern times, MVP strategy feels quite essential. This provides the easiest way for the product to hit market shelves and thus helps developers in knowing the true user experience. In case something comes out to be actually enhanced, the same can be done very much based on experience of the users with the product.

Best part about MVP is that here the developers won’t have to remain in mere speculations. It has turned out to be highly useful for app development based start-ups. Not just start-ups, even the big names like Amazon are also using MVP to ensure their product is up-to-the-mark.

Let us help you to build an MVP product

Let us help you to build an MVP product

How MVP Validation Can Be Useful?

  • It lowers the chances of failure
  • It lowers investment amount
  • It reduces effort, time, and thus expense
  • It provides best estimation about performance of an app
  • It provides honest suggestions for the application

After explaining the significance of MVP, the following sections detail about validating an app with MVP.

Modes of Validating an App using MVP

MVP allows the users to test an application in its most fundamental form with nominal features. It ensures the developer whether the application is optimized enough to fulfill demands of the concerned users. In this context, a proper MVP test is highly recommended. One must follow the steps given below for the MVP test.

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Prototype MVP

This step is about developing an overall prototype of an application having fundamental specs and a nominal interface. Customers make use of a prototype, communicate with the same, and give feedback. Given feedback is studied and accordingly, the decision for the final product is taken. However, prototype MVP, in general, takes a bit longer time for development.

Landing Page

It is always considered a better idea to develop a proper landing page that showcases the core specs of the given application when the intention is to make customers sign-up without an application. This is advised to be designed with promotional intent that demands the mail addresses of the concerned candidate for suggesting any kind of discount or just updating them regarding development of an application. Upon establishing a landing page, marketing campaigns can be used for driving traffic for concerned pages. Amount of visitors at the targeted page indicates clearly about the actual statistics of visitors having an interest in this application.

Single Feature MVP

This is considered as simply the best MVP testing strategy considering the fact that it includes testing of the most powerful specs of the app. This is quite proven to be effective and consistently delivers results. While keeping the focus intact on one prime feature of the product, the developer gets supremely focused suggestions that lets him enhancing the application form a feature perspective. It is useful in lowering the customer, aiming at prime features of an application.

A/B Testing

Very much like web pages, the A/B testing of the mobile applications lets the user in having experience of testing different applications. This provides a statistical detail that assists in figuring out the specific edition of the app that delivers greater conversion. One can then make use of the real data for doing needful changes with the application and measure the effectiveness of the given variances with statistical proof.

For example, a developer might make use of A/B testing to check the way users communicate with various sections in an application, including in-app buying for an additional level. The data can then be used by the developer, and the outcomes can be executed for enhancing the complete rate of conversion of the application.

There is not much brainstorming needed to realize that the reason behind failure of many applications is due to their inability to know customer feedback. This is the reason a maximum of these doesn’t manage to have significance in the market. And, validating the application with MVP comes handy on such occasions to get clarity about the profit related aspects of a product, ensuring the time and money spent on it is worth it.

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