Employee Tracking System

Get the real time location information for your teams on the field

Track Team

Track Team

Real Time


Track Check-ins and Check-outs for team members

Start and End Day

Effective Communication through Notification

Real Time Map showing total travel


Track locations of your team members to optimise field jobs

Web based dashboard for senior staff to track people on the field

Manage and communicate with your team from web and mobile

Detailed reports on your team location span and coverage

Employee Tracking History for
the efficient and connected mobile teams.

Check-in check-out

A simple check-in and check-out enables location tracking for the people on the field. Once enabled, it shares location information at regular intervals. Team managers and teammates can locate checked-in people & optimise the field activities and communication accordingly.

Realtime Notification

Realtime Notification enables back office team to share important information
or message to single or more than one employee while they are on field.This is
great way to optimise the time, and overall communication for the mobile
workforce.Communicate one-on-one with a team member or broadcast important messages to the whole team in one go.

Web dashboard

ETS is a Web and Native app solution. It is available on Web to offer Admin & Team Managers to do configuration and review. Do more, on the web with bulk actions, deeper settings and controls, view detailed reports and utilize the big screen for multitasking teams as well.


Smart & efficient mobile teams requires smart tracking and
communication. Reporting module provides you with insights on
your team's location span and flow through out a period so that you
can take important decision on which areas need better attention
and how your mobile workforce needs to be deployed.

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