Complain Management System


What is Complain Management?

Complain Management System is a platform which is double implied between customer and seller. It helps the seller to keep track of all the complaints lodged by the customer in respect of the product which in turn helps to hit the bullseye which is “customer satisfaction”.

Why Complain Management?

If a seller sells a product then it is the duty of the seller to see that all the complaints or services of that product lodged by the customer are properly addressed. And in today’s digital world there is no better way than to provide one-click online platform to customer to do it by just sitting at home. Complain Management does the exact. CMS takes care of both customer and seller, it makes sure that customer is able to lodge complain/service and get updated about the progress of the complaint. Whereas on the side of the table, seller is able to get the data on one screen and keep track which complain is addressed and which isn’t. CMS will give seller command over the business in race with other competitors.

What does Mobio Solutions provide?


  • Lightning Fast Speed
  • Mobile and Web Based Solution
  • iOS and Android based Mobile Solution
  • Independent Platform
  • Easy to use interface with a fresh look and feel
  • Ease to use and ease to access anywhere if you are connected through internet
  • Access CMS across all modern internet browsers with cross browser compatibility
  • Compatible with all the device like tablet & mobile
  • Fully customizable interactive dashboard
  • Know what has been discussed with your customers by keeping track of follow-up history at every stage of process
  • Dynamic linking of multiple information sources on a single dashboard screen
  • Managing user rights as per the level of employee designation
  • Generating Reports as per the requirements
  • Quick Support


  • Providing a means through which the customer can tell the body how well it is doing in its efforts to provide good-quality service;
  • Serving as a quick and efficient means of resolving difficulties which may arise;
  • Avoiding the extra time and cost involved in further appeals;
  • Promoting good relations and communications with the public;
  • Indicating where problems exist in the provision of services;
  • Highlighting shortcomings in administrative systems and areas which might need improvement, thereby leading to overall efficiency gains
  • Provide quick, easy, and cost-effective means of resolving difficulties
  • Promote a sense of empowerment in the individual by enabling him or her to have a role in contributing to improvements in the service quality and
  • Give customer the assurance that their complaints are being taken seriously and that they are being treated properly, fairly and impartially.